Meeting Rooms can be a scarce resource and especially for small start-up companies. If you have an office space with meetings rooms which are not being used, why don't you use the opportunity and earn some money by renting them out? Now, with the help of, you can set up your own online booking website for those meeting rooms and start earning extra money. can offer you:
  • Schedule for each meeting room — it is very convenient and simple to set up each meeting room, fill in description and set available dates and hours.
  • Multiple locations — using Multiple location custom feature, you will be able to set up meeting rooms at various locations, which can be very helpful if you have meeting rooms all around the city.
  • Online payments — clients will be able to pay directly after they have confirmed their bookings. It is easy to configure the payment settings and it will make the payment process smoother for your clients.
  • Fully mobile responsive both for clients and admin — enjoy the benefits of latest technology and check how many bookings you have got or the schedule for tomorrow on your mobile device. Now your clients can benefit as well and book a meeting room with their mobile device with the help of the mobile responsive scheduling software
  • Email and sms reminders — both your clients and you will receive confirmation and reminder notifications, so you can rest assure that your clients will remember that they have booked a meeting room.
With the online appointment system, it will be very comfortable for you to manage your schedule and for your clients to reserve the time. Just try it and get rid of all doubts! It will be a great help for your business and if you have any issues our support team will be glad to help you!
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