It is getting more and more common for people to hire personal trainers in order to help them to get started in the gym. For those personal trainers it is vital to organize their time efficiently so that they can book each available time slot. One of the biggest problems trainers have is when people book a time but then in the end do not show up or want to change the time of the session with short notice. Then you, as a personal trainer, end up with no client for that session, unable to book anyone new with such short notice. This is where comes in handy! We include a cancellation/editing link in all booking confirmation e mails and that way your clients can easily change or cancel a booking and you will get notified immediately by sms/email. This will give you more time to try to reschedule that lost booking. Please remember though that it is always better to allow people to cancel/amend a booking easily rather than them not showing up at all! and its online appointment scheduling app is designed to free up some time for both service providers and clients. Now both parties don't have to spend all this time on the phone trying to find a suitable appointment time or changing/cancelling a booking. Tell your clients about your online booking website and they can help themselves 24/7 both with their computers or mobile devices to book a time which suits them perfectly.
How you can benefit from an online booking system:
  • Creating your everyday availability and giving the link to your clients will reduce the stress of manual scheduling and will adjust your clients' bookings to your availability.
  • Combining your personal events with work with the help of Google calendar synchronization.
  • Sending reminders before the training to clients so they don't forget.
  • Ability to accept confirmation fee from clients when they reserve a spot.
  • Ability to handle both individual trainings as well as group sessions in one booking website.
  • A possibility to create a cancellation policy or terms and conditions under which clients will not be able to cancel within a certain period. Such approach can help to motivate clients who often cancel right before the meeting.
And of course, we offer a lot more! Adding an online calendar to your website or adding a link to the booking website to your business emails will help you to manage your working and personal time easily. Apart from a booking website, you will have a convenient admin calendar, where you can edit, add and cancel bookings in several clicks. If you need any assistance with setup, our understanding support team is always ready to give you a piece of advice and offer the easiest way to configure the schedule you need. Do not hesitate to dedicate thirty minutes of your precious time to get to know us and our system better!
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