Over the last decades the market of attorneys has expanded to embrace not only person-to-person scheduling but also online consulting. Nowadays, when people need attorney assistance the first thing they do is open their laptop or mobile phone and search for available attorneys online. The next thing they do, they need to schedule time with you.
Therefore, if you have no website or no possibility to reserve time online, you loose a lot of points in comparison to your competitors. SimplyBook.me will help you to keep up with them by having your own booking website with all your services and contacts listed there or the ability to add booking functionality to your personal website.
Bunch of attractive benefits to boost your business:
  • Well-designed admin agenda, where you can easily look through all your reservations and check details of clients.
  • Customizable booking website for your clients, where reserving a spot takes only a few seconds.
  • Email and sms notifications about booking confirmation, cancellation or reservation change.
  • Automatic text and email reminders before the appointment.
  • Ability to request additional info from your clients, for example ask them to briefly describe the case so you can be prepared for the meeting.
  • Ability to accept the full price or a confirmation fee from your clients.
  • 2-way synchronization with Google calendar to combine work with your personal businesses.
  • Easy rescheduling and canceling of appointments with the possibility to inform client automatically.

Plenty of other features to enhance your business!

If you are still considering the possibility to add booking functionality to your website or if you are struggling to start your own business, SimplyBook.me is the best choice because our experience and care about clients will help you to make a huge step forward. Our functions and approach to each client will allow you to build a booking website that perfectly suits your needs. We will be glad if you join our friendly and supportive team of users who already gained success with SimplyBook.me!
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