Nowadays, the Internet and computers are succeeding in replacing the position of books in our lives, however, modern libraries manage to combine both electronic and printed sources. Considering the fact that very often the sources may be very rare and scarce, it may be difficult to organize proper access to them.
Why not take advantage of using modern technologies? You think it is too expensive? is a free online scheduling software, which will help you to accept and manage bookings of study rooms, computer labs, conference areas etc. Maybe you need to allow people reserving certain books? Maybe you offer some seminars or other events? Or you simply want to manage the schedule of your staff? We are able to meet all your requirements. is a secure, customizable booking system with flexible settings and easy administration. It is available 24/7, so there is no need of wasting your time on making notes anymore.
We offer:
  • Service categories and multiple locations for organising better and selecting easier.
  • Creating multiple services, events, providers and users for no additional fee.
  • Provider's color coding for better management. Will make it easier to find a certain provider on your dashboard or a booking in your calendar.
  • Integration with your library’s site or Facebook fan page.
  • Mobile booking apps for iOS and Android to attract young generation and everybody who is in love with modern technologies. They offer your clients a possibility to book services via their mobile devices and send push notifications.
  • Ability to send notifications to students or staff who reserve a book, room or any other resource.
Apart from those functions, our scheduling app is able to do much more.It will become a great addition to the site of your library as well as invaluable tool for taking limited editions of books and other printed or digital material. It can be used for booking time to access archives and special sections. Now it is high time to get the web work for books and benefit from it! online scheduling system is the one who can help you with it. Do not hesitate to set up your booking website! Our great support is good at assistance and always ready to give you a hand.
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