Throughout the world, cities and towns are ruled by governmental organizations that provide a variety of services oriented on improving people's lives. City councils, town boards, municipalities, local government areas, no matter how they are called, deal with requests every working day. Considering the fact that citizens have a lot of issues to discuss and city councils can have different departments with multiple staff, it can be difficult to schedule an appointment with a proper specialist in the necessary field.
Usually, a huge receptionist center is needed to arrange meetings for various departments of a city council responsible for a vast area. However, several receptionist staff can be easily replaced with an advanced online scheduling system, which allows citizens to schedule an appointment right on the website of your city council. is helping city councils and their departments all over the world to better organize meetings. booking app for city councils offers:
  • An easy way to select the department, type of consultation and specialist right on the booking page, from your website or Facebook fan page.
  • Multiple ways to add booking functionality to your site like a separate page, booking button or contact us and book now button.
  • Customizable client interface, where you can arrange your services, staff, locations and categories in the order you need and make it easier for citizens to schedule the right meeting.
  • Extensive choice of additional features that include synchronization with Google calendar, Google Adwords, allowing people to login through Facebook, add image gallery to your page, customize themes and colors, organize group meetings, etc.
  • Proficient notification system for both staff and clients that informs when the booking was made, edited or cancelled. You can change the text according to your needs and choose what notifications to send and what not to send. Apart from emails, the system can also send a sms for an additional fee.
  • Well-organized admin calendar, where you can use filters to find the bookings for a particular client or provider.
  • A variety of graphs and statistical data that can be organized by date, staff, client and exported to excel. scheduling software offers you a great choice of features that can be activated when needed. We also have API and your developers team can use it to build the system you need particularly for your everyday scenarios. Whenever you have any questions regarding pricing, features, opportunities or setup, do not hesitate to press the big green Live Chat button on the right or schedule a call to discuss things personally!
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