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Accept bookings to your events from multiple channels

With you can accept bookings via various booking channels. Pick your favourite ones or enable all of them to ensure that you have the maximum online visibility!

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Why sports and fitness scheduling software is an excellent fit for you

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    Organise your fitness classes and group sessions in an easily navigable schedule. Assign coaches and fitness rooms to specific classes, and let your clients see how many places are available for their next class.

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    Create memberships for your return and regular clients. Organise customer details and limit access to specific services to membership clients only. Create different membership levels for various client needs and allow for on-site payment channels for recurring memberships.

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    Bookings from multiple channels

    Allow clients old and new to find and book your fitness services from several different online channels such as your booking website, Facebook & Instagram, Google and Benefit from the convenience of all bookings, through every channel, being arranged in a central system.

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    POS and on-site payments

    Keep track of all appointment and fees with an on-site POS system that links with your scheduling solution. Accept payments on-site for classes, coaching sessions, memberships, and products. Let the system keep track of all your payments, both online and on-site.

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    Issue tickets to your fitness sessions to make sure that people who show up have booked a spot. Once they arrive, they present their QR code on their mobile, which they got upon booking, and you can scan it with your admin app. As simple as that!

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    Marketing Tools

    Attract and welcome new clients while keeping and selling more to current customers. Using tools such as emails, coupons, gift cards, referral schemes, social promotions, and much more besides, you can boost your business performance.


Q: Why did you start looking for a booking software?

A: Because it was becoming too much work to organize all booking reservations via the phone, we didn´t have any overview of our clients and it was harder to charge clients.

Q: Did you find it easy to implement at the time?

A: Well we bought the setup help as our needs were quite complicated and we didn´t regret that! Victoria set the system up for us in no time and taught us how to use it - so the process for us was very simple.

Q: Has it solved all your business needs?

A: Yes absolutely and we are even still discovering new cool things that the system has to offer. They for example have a very user friendly client app that I can´t wait to introduce to my clients.

Q: Would you recommend to your friends?

A: Definitely yes and actually have already often done so!

Q&A with

Jonas Bjornsson

founder of Tennishollin


Take back your time and simplify your life!

Running a beauty salon isn’t about managing appointments and bookings - or at least it shouldn’t be. Phones ringing, emails piling up - constant chaos! It doesn’t have to be like that… offers salon booking system for beauty salons either through a professional booking website or a booking widget if you already have a website

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  • Manage Clients

    Keep your client lists organised, monitor and manage bookings, cancellations, and alterations, and keep clients and providers informed with notifications and reminders of upcoming bookings.

  • Manage Business

    Stay up to date with your business performance via the admin app. Keep track of bookings, sales, provider workloads, and much more through your dashboard and insightful reports.

  • Manage Reviews

    Don't forget to ask for reviews, and automate the email process. Use positive reviews in your marketing strategy and use social proof to engage more clients.

  • We´re here to help

    Our top-notch, Live Chat support team are available 24 hours every weekday. Alternatively, you can access the comprehensive help centre with written instructions or video tutorials for all the features of our system.

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Why can offer the perfect solution for your sports and fitness business

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    14-day free trial

    Try out almost all of our premium subscription features while deciding what your website needs.

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    Amazing Live Chat Support

    Ready to help with a click.

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    Admin App

    Manage your business like a pro via the admin app.

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    Get set up help if you need it.

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    NO commission

    Every penny your clients pay you is yours.

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    Join Our Happy Clients

    Join the tens of thousands of happy clients we have already helped.

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Over 10 languages available

And the ability to make customised changes to the language.

Rave reviews

Over 500 glowing references.

Strong SEO

Is key in bringing you and your clients together online.

Website or widget

Get a booking website or a widgets for your existing website.

Stop the Chaos!

Lighten the Load!

Stop the games of phone and email tag to arrange a single session, or class

Start allowing your clients to see your real-time availability and book online whenever it suits them; day or night, and from any device

Stop the constant interruptions and lost time with clients because of answering calls.

Start sending automatic booking confirmations and appointment reminders to your clients to reduce no-shows

Stop the jumbled mess of dealing with physical appointments books, double bookings and mix-ups

Start managing your business like a pro! Manage staff, services, classes and locations. Sell memberships, packages, coaching, and sporting goods. Market your business through directories and social media, and encourage customer loyalty

Stop lost time and revenue from last minute cancellations and no shows

Start Manage your whole business like a pro! Manage your staff, get business reports, sell gift cards, use coupons for low times, showcase your instagram images and so much more!

Awesome Support!

Our Live Chat agents are working 24h during the working week - ready to help your clients all the way!

  • Tons of video tutorials available
  • Real immediate chat
  • Highly qualified, praised by hundreds of users
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