Modern way of life may often be exhausting and tiring considering the fact that we are surrounded by stress at work and endless personal affairs, etc. What can be better than relaxing in a spa after a tough week? Imagine if your clients would not even need to find a time to call your receptionist or other staff, who are often busy with various tasks. Everything a client should do is to find your company on Google or even have your company in favorites in mobile app, select an available time and schedule a treatment. This is exactly what your clients wants, less stress and an easier process will be better for you and your business! scheduling system is designed to make reservations so easy that your clients will repeatedly book a time with you with great pleasure. Everyone is used to the fact that pizza can be ordered online, clothes can be bought online and why on earth should it be any different when you schedule a spa treatment?
How to provide top-quality scheduling for clients:
  • Register free account with booking system and configure your page according to your taste. Put theme, adjust colors, add pictures, etc.
  • Add staff to your account and set their individual schedules, you can even give them special access to the system, so they can check and manage their own bookings.
  • Add booking functionality to your website if you have one. It may be a noticeable 'Book Now' button on the side, so that clients know exactly where to schedule.
  • And get ready to accept bookings! The configuration is simple and in case you have any questions, our support team is always at hand and is ready to assist with setup.
The benefits of online scheduling are countless - apart from facilitating client scheduling and freeing your staff from infinite calls, you get proper marketing via our BookingTroll directory, you receive ability to send automated confirmation, cancellation, reminder emails and sms, you can create a variety of promotions with the help of our amazing promotion system, etc,etc.

It is high time to improve your business with simple and intuitive scheduling software for spa. We are ready to help you and for the first free month, we offer you to use the system completely for free to learn, setup and experience the changes before upgrading!
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Your free trial month includes all features and 50 bookings. No credit card needed.
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