Financial services often deal with money, and everyone knows that time is money for businessmen and people whose revenues depend on time organization. Consequently, a time appointment solution that saves time AND money is especially beneficial! is exactly such system because it will help financial companies to save their own time as well as their clients time. Managing appointments with customers is one of the key priorities in any bank, insurance company or accountancy firm. In order to plan a meeting accurately, the receptionist has to consider the client's schedule as well as the working hours of the financial advisor, but in a company with dozens of staff members it can become cumbersome. As a result, companies need to hire several receptionists when we can offer a better and more efficient solution. scheduling software will help you:
  • To create an online calendar with the availability of each professional. When selecting a service, clients will see a list of professionals and after selecting a service provider, the specific calendar of provider will open.
  • To add a booking calendar to your own website. Having an option to reserve an appointment right from your website will become a convenient solution for your clients, who are always busy and have no time for phone calls. Such policy will also save a lot of time for your secretaries or receptionists.
  • To notify your clients automatically when the booking is made, modified or cancelled via text message or email.
  • To track your progress and reservations with the help of advanced reports with variety of filters like date, service, client or provider.
  • To easily edit and make bookings from the admin interface.
  • To allow each of your staff to look into the system and see only their own schedule and appointments. online scheduling software suits perfectly for various financial services including banks, credit unions, accountancy companies, stock brokerages, credit-card companies, investment funds, consumer-finance companies, insurance companies, etc. With the help of our online calendar maker, you and your business will make booking much more easier for everyone. An automated booking process can increase the level of trust to your business and also attract new clients and improve the reservation experience of the existing ones. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!
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