Health and fitness are absolutely necessary in the modern office world and we see how people have started to rethink their values and engage more in sports. Gyms have become an essential part of this trend and have managed to get more and more people to enroll in the past few years. As a consequence of the growing popularity, a lot of gyms have experienced organization problems, both when classes are overcrowded but also when a large sports hall is being used for only a handful of clients. In order to get a proper overview of the business, see how many people showed up for each class, we strongly recommend a booking appointment system like and then you can start to organize your business in the most efficient way!
What offers for gyms:
  • Membership feature where only your current members can book a slot or sell membership to new clients! You can also allow everybody to book your services and choose to give discount solely to members to enhance your customer loyalty.
  • The ability to create a schedule with a maximum number of people per time slot according to how many people can join the respective class.
  • Allows clients to book several sessions at once, for example to book for the whole month or half a year in one go.
  • The ability to create various discounts and send them to your clients.
  • The ability to set different prices for different services. For example, make day sessions cheaper because they are less visited and make evening sessions more expensive.
  • Sending various notifications to your clients to remind them about the training.
  • Sending automatic notifications after the training with some instructions or health recommendations.
  • Having all your clients listed in one system, where you can search and look through their info at any time.
  • Having a customizable booking page that you can use either as your main website of the gym or add it to your website.
  • Accept payments from clients right after they make a booking.

And a lot more!

If you are still hesitating, hesitate no more, because hundreds of gyms all over the world are already using booking options on their websites... and that for a reason! When a client arrives, your receptionist should just open the agenda and confirm that the client is on the list. The receptionist can also check the payments and make various comments to each booking. scheduling app is something that will ease your life and the life of your clients significantly, so wait no more and register with us today!
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