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COVID-19 Vaccination is helping many UK NHS Trusts become the world’s first to deliver widespread COVID-19 Vaccinations in an orderly manner. Does your organisation need a covid vaccination booking system?

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  • Booking website or Booking widget if you already have a website

  • Automatic SMS/email reminders to patients and medical professionals

  • Admin app to manage all bookings

  • Let people choose their closest location on a map

  • Issue tickets upon booking and scan them in the admin app upon arrival

  • Use the API and triggers to integrate data into your legacy system

Increase your workflow efficiency

workflow efficiency
  • Use pre-marked lab glass test tubes with barcodes or QR codes and sync with the appointment upon arrival

  • Print labels for test samples with appointment information, such as name, arrival date, order number.

  • Use the API and triggers to sync data with your central system to store client data

  • Information is stored within the appointment and attached to the client record

NHS collaboration along with the NHS in the UK launched the first ever booking system for mass covid vaccination in December 2020. wanted to take an initiative and adjust the solution so that it could be useful in processing millions of vaccinations bookings. One of the key features of the software is a ticketing system for easy check-in. Another crucial feature, specific to testing and vaccination, is verification against the national vaccination system, which allows the NHS to verify the eligibility of people who want to book an appointment and hold data on the specific vaccine used. In turn, this enables the NHS to verify that people are entitled to the vaccine and that the correct decisions are made when administering the two stages of the vaccination process.

The teams at the co-operating NHS trusts have been incredible in their work. Not only have they been highly involved in the setup process, but they have also prepared documentation and learning material for easy onboarding of other trusts. This has enabled quick implementation of a full fledged scheduling system which is now ready for others to join.

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  • ISO-27001- expected to become certified by year-end 2020.

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Get your personalised business branded app! Let your clients download the app on their mobile device where they can easily book your services, change a booking, view booking history, buy gift cards and more.

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Access all your bookings, make new bookings, create clients etc by a simplified version of the main system, intended for users on the road. Get notifications of new bookings, and reminders for upcoming appointments.

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If your hospital, health laboratory, clinic or pharmacy is offering Covid-19 vaccinations, drop us an email to or book an appointment and explain how you want to organize your vaccination process. To get you set up as quickly as possible, we will allocate an account manager so that your medical centre can accept patients for Covid-19 vaccination in a safe and organised manner. We are already servicing the NHS in 2 countries so we know what we are talking about.