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Explore the range of features that make the best online booking and management system for businesses of any size and industry. offers over 60 custom features to help you attract new clients, nurture your current ones and manage your business like a pro!

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Booking Made Easy

  • Bookings icon

    Accept Online Bookings 24/7

    Keep your booking channels open 24/7 and let your clients book their appointments via multiple channels like your booking website, business website, Facebook, Instagram or Google Business Profile.

  • POS icon

    Reduce no shows & Double bookings

    Send tailored reminders before scheduled appointments. Eliminate last-minute cancellations by charging a deposit upfront. Avoid double booking your time by synchronising your personal calendar with your online booking schedule.

  • Recurring membership

    Facebook, Instagram & Google

    Accept appointments via your Facebook page and Instagram profile via a "Book Now" button. Let people easily find your business on Google where they can immediately book your services

  • Reports

    Multiple Locations or video meetings?

    Efficiently schedule your employees, services, and opening times across multiple locations or offer video meetings via Teams, Google Meet or other.

  • Gift Card icon

    Membership, Classes, Events, Tickets & Waiting lists

    If you sell membership subscriptions to your clients, offer classes and events or want to issue tickets, we have got you covered. Are you fully booked? Let your clients sign up for your waiting list!

  • Management icon

    Client information upon booking

    Create customised intake forms to gather client information during the booking process. You can request texts & digits, checkboxes, drop-down or date responses, as well as ask clients to upload files or images.

Capterra Awards

Capterra Awards

Capterra Awards has received the "Best Value" and "Best Ease of Use" badges from Capterra in 2023, reaffirming its status as a leading appointment scheduling and booking software.

The awards recognize affordability and user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for businesses.

Do you offer video meetings?

Offer online video appointments via native integrations with Microsoft Teams or automatically send a Google Hangout link with the booking confirmation.


Payments Made Simple

Choose your preferred payment provider

  • Online Payments Icon

    Online Payments

    • Let your clients pay a deposit or full payment in the booking process

    • Allow your clients to pay online via Apple/Google Pay

    • Allow your clients to pay in installments (if your payment provider allows it)

    • Sell gift cards, packages and membership online

  • Online Payments Icon

    Onsite Payments

    Learn more about POS
    • Use the Admin App to accept payments

    • Accept Apple/Google Pay payments

    • Process payments against your client´s stored credit cards

    • Display on-site QR codes for payments

    • Send payment links for easy mobile transactions

    • Enable Tap & Pay and integrate with terminals

    • Encourage clients to leave tips

    • Print out receipts via the admin app

  • Online Payments Icon

    Manage your payments

    • Connect with your preferred payment provider

    • Get access to sales reports

    • Refund clients if needed

    • Connect with your Quickbooks, Xero or Freshbooks accounting platforms

Marketing & Sales

  • Promote your booking website with a QR code icon

    Promote your booking website with a QR code

    One scan with a smartphone camera and your booking website will appear. This is a great way to market your business by adding a QR code to your marketing material, business cards and advertising content.

  • Website icon

    Attract New Clients

    Be visible and bookable online through multiple channels! We will also list you on the marketplace, and you can add “Book” buttons on Facebook, Instagram and Google my Business. Define your custom Title Tag and Meta Description to ensure your booking website ranks higher on Google. Last but not least, show off your hard-earned Google Reviews on your booking website with the Google Reviews custom feature!

  • POS icon

    Sell More to Your Current Clients

    Turn your current clients into recurring ones by sending “Book soon” reminders when they are due for a refresher. Sell service add-ons, packages or products and allow your clients to leave a tip during the booking process or onsite.

  • Group bookings icon

    Retain Your Clients with Coupons, Gift Cards and Loyalty System

    Keep your loyal clients coming back by making them feel valued with the Loyalty System, Coupons and Gift Certificates. Let all of your clients know that they can now book with you online 24/7 and that they earn points upon service purchase. Create customisable emails with our Drag-and-Drop design email creator, or choose from a range of stylish email templates to reach your clients.


Automate reminders a specified number of days or weeks after an appointment and remind them to book with you again with a customized message.

Hi there :)

As one of our valued customers, we would like to offer you a 15% discount if you book an initial consultation with us this month.

Business & Client Management

  • Website icon

    Stay on Top of Your Business

    Monitor the number of site visits and compare it with the number of bookings you receive. Keep abreast of your most popular services and your busiest providers. For the tech-savvy, you can connect with Google Tag Manager.

  • Website icon

    Manage your day-to-day business via the Admin App

    In the admin app, you can see your booking calendar, upcoming bookings, recently scheduled appointments, client list and scan tickets. Also, you can create, edit, and cancel bookings and clients. Moreover, you can do it all quickly and easily while on the move.

  • Providers icon

    Manage Your Employees and Related Resources

    Manage your employee schedules, break times, vacations times, and allocate services they can provide. Send your employees reminders and notifications when appointments are booked, rescheduled and cancelled. You can assign different levels of admin access, depending on the changes you want to allow them to make to the system. If you have any limited resources, like rooms, no worries, you can easily set that up too.

  • Group bookings icon

    Manage your Daily Sales and Deposits

    Managing your daily sales, tips and deposits to encompass cash, card, and advance payments is a breeze with the Point of Sale (PoS) feature. Create appointments from the PoS function for walk-in clients and combine all of your payment systems, to reconcile your daily figures. Last but not least sync your invoices automatically via our QuickBooks & FreshBooks or export csv files directly to your Xero account.

  • Client Profiles

    Create client profiles for all of your new and existing clients and differentiate them with multiple tags. See their client details and look at their booking history.

  • Personalize Communication

    Customize all reminders and notifications to your clients. Send tailored messages via email or SMS through the system and use tags to differentiate between clients

  • Request Reviews

    Send automatic feedback requests after an appointment. Post your reviews to your booking website.

Website & Widgets

Design Your Unique Booking Website

  • Choose your favorite template for your booking website. With over 20 different themes and layouts to choose from; pick your favorite one.
  • Customize the design to represent your business. Use custom color schemes and add features. The tech-savvy can even change the appearance with custom CSS code.
  • Add custom pages and upload images. You can add as many custom pages as you want to create your perfect booking site. Add a blog or news site, a photo gallery, or about us page.
  • Collect reviews from your clients. Request feedback after your client appointments, and display them on your booking website.
Get Inspired
Booking theme template


Booking theme template


Booking theme template

Booking button

Booking theme template

Contact widget

Design Your Integrated Widget

  • Choose the widget template that matches your website theme most closely and allow your clients to book directly from your website.
  • Customize the design to match your company branding with custom color themes and styles. Keep everything on-brand.
  • Upload images of your services, and your service providers, or even your products
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Try the System for free

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Comprehensive Online Scheduling Software with Powerful Integrations

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    The API allows developers to integrate a booking system into their developments. A clear and simple interface, with straightforward documentation, provides all the functionality you need.

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    Payment systems offers a range of payment providers with which you can connect to receive online payments upon booking or onsite.

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    Zapier Connection

    Connecting your booking website to hundreds of compatible business apps is easy with the Zapier Connector. Integrate your booking schedule with complementary business softwares like MailChimp, Slack, Zenkit, Outlook and many more. Send new information to your connected apps when new clients are added, and when appointments are made, rescheduled or cancelled.

  • Group bookings icon

    Key Integrations

    Do you want to accept bookings on your current website or via your social media channels? Do you want to offer video meetings? Would you like to integrate your email, automatically sync invoices with your Quickbooks or FreshBooks account, export files to your Xero account or Connect your CRM system to the system? Would you like to portray your Instagram photos on your booking website? offers a range of integration options, both native and via Zapier.

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