Pets often become much more than simple animals for people, they become real members of their families who need care, love and attention. The business of pet care embraces a variety of services that include pet sitting, training courses, cosmetic procedures, visits to the vet and a lot more.
People who are doing this business, work with a variety of animals and animal owners every day. They dedicate a lot of their time and efforts to making the lives of our small (and sometimes not very small) friends better and healthier. In the cases of multiple client management, it may be difficult to cope with all the people who are calling to sign in their best friend to a training session or medical examination. Furthermore, if you are taking care of pets while their owners are away, you may be occupied with plenty of other activities apart from finding the free spot in your agenda. is an advanced online scheduling tool, which allows accepting bookings from clients round-the-clock with the minimum of efforts from the side of the business owner. The main task is to open your available times and to get ready to accept new reservations! will become an invaluable help in your time management because:
  • It prevents double bookings by easily adjusting clients' reservations to your availability.
  • It allows your clients to book your services at any time without bothering you with calls and texts.
  • It gives you an opportunity to get all the necessary info from client about his/her pet at the moment the client makes a booking.
  • It sends reminders to you and your clients before the service so both of you won't forget.
  • It gives your client a chance to pay for your services right after making a booking.
  • It allows your clients to login via Facebook to make a booking faster.
  • It can sync your bookings with your Google Calendar and much more!
Do not wait until the routine overwhelms you, just register a company with us completely for free to try what we can! We offer great possibilities for small, medium and large businesses depending on the number of reservations they have per month. Feel free to contact us for any help, because choosing as your business assistant can become the best solution for wise time management!
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