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Flexible Booking Schedules
Within SimplyBook.me you can have many service providers and they can work different hours. This gives you flexibility and space to adjust to your needs. Service providers can be anything that suits your business, such as staff, equipment, tennis courts, escape rooms or whatever you need your customers to be able to book.

With SimplyBook.me you can:
  • Have multiple service providers
  • Have different working hours for each service provider (such as for shifts or part-time worker)
  • Create a regular weekly schedule
  • Create a different schedule for a specific date (e.g. for days when people work different hours or are away on vacation)
Avoid double bookings
  • Set maximum capacity for each service providers, limiting the number of bookings that can be made at the same time
  • Set availability of service provider from 1-99 clients at a time
  • Slot will be blocked as booking capacity reaches its limits
Easy and Accessible Calendar to Make and Manage Your Bookings
  • View, Edit and Reschedule your bookings from an online calendar accessible anywhere!
  • Choose the most convenient view for you, by service providers or by day, week or month
  • Use filters to find a certain booking
Easy Cancelling and Rescheduling
Easily cancel or reschedule bookings:
  • Drag and drop a booking in the calendar to change the time and/or date
  • Pull down the booking in the calendar to extend or shorten its duration
  • Edit booking information
  • Add a note to your booking
  • Clients are automatically notified about booking changes
  • Clients can easily cancel or reschedule via a link in their booking confirmation email

Booking Website

Rich Design Options
The advanced design options of SimplyBook.me allow you to design a professional and customsied look for your booking website or your own website widget:
  • Adjust colors to match your brand colors
  • Insert your own logo
  • Insert your own background image
  • Add photos of staff and services
  • Add various other photos from your business
  • You can also use photos from our free photo library!
Different Timelines
Choose the most convenient way for your clients to see your booking availability, such as:
  • Daily, weekly or monthly view
  • Availability by date
  • Availability by classes, f.x. Yoga class with Mary
Additional Fields to Request More Info from Clients
Need more information from your clients? Need to gather standard information in the beginning to be able to provide your service? Save time (and the boredom of always having to gather the same information) by using the additional fields feature:
  • Use additional fields to request information from your clients at the time of booking
  • Get responses as text, digits, checkboxes or dropdowns
  • Export the information to Excel or CSV file to analyse your client data!
Clients Can Add Appointments to Their Own Calendars
Help your clients remember their booking by enabling them to add the appointment to their Google, Outlook, Yahoo or iCal calendars with the click of a button!


Dashboard for Business Overview
Get invaluable business information in visual format in your dashboard and make informed decisions about your business. Information includes:
  • Bookings
  • Sales figures by service
  • Sales figure by service provider
  • Client attendance
  • Workload
  • Most booked service
  • Most booked service provider (member of staff)
Visitor Counter
Track how many visits you get to your booking website and how many of them book. Use the information to inform your marketing activities:
  • Lots of visits but no bookings? - You may need to look at the information on your page to get more people to book
  • Not so many visits? - You need to do more to get people to your booking website. Luckily, we can help. Check out our Promotion System and attract more business!
Track Your Google Adwords Campaigns
Using Google AdWords to promote your business? With SimplyBook.me you can track your bookings all the way from the advert to confirmation to know exactly how well your AdWords campaigns are working!
Automatic Performance Evaluation
Finding what sells the most is a key to developing successful strategy for your business. You can check which services are booked the most and which providers are more popular than others in the statistic dashboard of SimplyBook.me.

Services & Providers

Unlimited Services
We place no limit on the number of services that you can make available to book through SimplyBook.me!
Create all kinds of services and group them into categories for a better overview and selection.
Set Different Service Duration
Not all services take the same amount of time. Set your service duration according to your needs, whether they take 5 minutes or several days!
Unlimited Service Providers
Most booking system get dramatically more expensive as you add service providers such as staff. SimplyBook.me bases its pricing on the number of bookings, not how many people or resources you have. That way, we are affordable when you are starting out and only charge you more as your business grows in bookings.
Create as many service providers as you need right from the start at no additional charge. Remember, service providers can be whatever suits your business, be it staff, rooms, equipment or whatever!
Set A Specific Schedule for Each Provider
Not all your staff may work the same hours and not all your resources may have the same availability. SimplyBook.me offers flexible schedules for your service providers:
  • Set different regular schedules for different service providers
  • Set one off schedules for those days that just aren’t quite like all the others ;)


Directory Listing in BookingTroll.com for Added Visibility
Modern world requires companies to have a strong marketing background to become visible amongst hundreds of competitors. SimplyBook.me launched a unique project called BookingTroll.com, which will help both newbies to increase their visibility and more mature companies to strengthen their positions on the market. Getting listed in our BookingTroll.com Directory is a great chance to attract more clients with the company profile and tempting promotions with your great services!
Email and SMS Promotions
Boost sales by sending promotions via email or sms:
  • Offer discounts
  • Determine who can get the discount (only new clients, only existing?)
  • Reward your clients for referring more business to you
  • Send promotion codes
  • Customise the promotion text in your email or sms to suit your audience
Advanced Time and Date Settings for Campaigns
Set the timing of your promotion, for example:
  • Make the promotion available only at a certain date
  • Define the time within which clients can redeem their discount code
  • Use pricing to manage demand, by lowering the price at quiet times and charging more at busy times
Reward Your Clients for Sharing Your Promotion
The strongest form of marketing is word-of-mouth, and sometimes it just needs that little bit of help to get going. ;) Increase referrals from your existing clients by rewarding them for referring new business.
Here are some examples to give you ideas:
  • A hair salon could reward 4 new client referrals by offering a free cut.
  • A business consultant could reward a referral by offering an extra free hour of consultation.
  • A beauty salon could reward 3 new client referrals by not charging for putting on the nail polish during the next manicure ;)
Thank your customers for referring you and just think how fast your business can grow with their help!

Multiple Locations & Categories

Multiple Service Locations
Operate in multiple locations? No problem! Just add them to SimplyBook.me and your customers can choose where they want to do business with you as they book their appointment:
  • Show the address of each of your locations
  • Show the locations on a map
  • Include the location address in the booking confirmation email
Assign Providers to Different Locations
Do you have multiple locations with different staff at each? Or do some of your staff even work at more than one of your locations? No problem!
  • Link the service provider to the location or locations
  • Your customers will see the service providers available at their chosen location
Just make sure you don’t expect your staff to clone themselves and be in two places at once ;)
Service categories
Do you have lots and lots of services? Get them organised and make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for by grouping them into categories:
As an example:
  • A hair salon can organise by services for men, women and children
  • A gym could organize by open classes, paid for classes and personal training
Organize your services in various categories
Categorizing your services is an important feature if you have many services and need to organize them for easy browsing. For beauty or hair salons, having several categories to differentiate between types of services, or even gender, can be useful so your clients can quickly find their desired service without wasting time on browsing.


Iframe and Button Widgets for Your Website
Not only can you get your own beautiful booking website on SimplyBook.me, you can also accept bookings right from your own website by using the iFrame widget or a ‘Book Now’ button!
Facebook Page Integration
Want people to be able to book an appointment straight from your Facebook Page?
No problem! SimplyBook.me integrates seamlessly with Facebook!
Wordpress and Joomla Plugins
Add a booking functionality to your Wordpress or Joomla websites with our simple custom features!
Zapier integration
With our Zapier integration the possibilities are endless! This allows you to link SimplyBook.me with lots of different apps to do things such as:
  • Send a copy of confirmation email
  • Generate invoices
  • Automatically add clients to your Mailchimp client list
  • And so much more!

Email/SMS Notifications

Customizable Email and SMS Notifications
Whenever you or your clients make a booking, they will receive a confirmation email with the information about the booking. You can amend your own text in the confirmation emails as well as adding variables for client name, service, provider, email, phone, etc. Apart from emails, SimplyBook.me also offers sms notifications that can be sent as confirmations, change, cancellation or reminder messages.
Cancellation and Reminder Emails and SMS
It is easy to track cancellations with SimplyBook.me because every time your client cancels a booking, you will receive a notification. You can also send reminders to your clients automatically before the appointment with service details to make sure they don't miss it. Notifications may be sent to the email address of the provider who will provide the service, or to the company email.
Feedback Follow-up Emails
Automatic feedback request will help you to gather more reviews on your booking website and increase your reliability level to potential clients. Simply configure when the feedback request should be sent and enjoy fresh reviews from satisfied clients!
Come-back-soon Reminders
After a client's visit, you can configure automatic email or sms to be sent to your clients, after a predefined time so they don't forget to book again. This can both increase bookings and client loyalty.

Online Payments

Secure Online Payments
With SimplyBook.me you can accept payments online right after your client makes a booking. Simply enter your payment details and insert the price for your service. We do not charge any extra price for money transfer and after booking, money is transferred straight to your account. If the client does not pay within the payment timeout, set by you, the booking will be automatically cancelled.
Wide Range of Payment Processors
We offer a whole range of payment processors including PayPal, Zooz, Skrill, Dwolla and Bitcoins. You can choose which one to use or even use several payment processors to give your clients an option of how to pay for your services.


Feature Client Reviews
In order to motivate your clients to leave reviews, our system automatically sends a Feedback request after the service. You can set the time when the request will be sent or turn off this feature. Your clients will in their review tell others what they liked about your service. This will help you to gain more trust from new potential clients because they can read about how others benefited from your services. After giving a written review they will also often be more inclined to tell others about you and your services.

Calendar synchronization

Export to Google or Outlook Calendar
If you are one of those who like having your Google or Outlook calendar always at hand to check your overall schedule, then using the Calendar Sync Custom Feature is something for you. SimplyBook.me can export all bookings you have to your personal calendar, so you can see what events you have coming up. Simply connect your Google Calendar account or Microsoft Outlook account to your SimplyBook.me provider and sync bookings back to your Google or Outlook calendar calendar.
Calendar Events Can Also Block Time in SimplyBook.me
If you need to combine your other activities with services availability, you can use a 2-way synchronization with Google or Outlook calendar. In this case, not only will your bookings be exported to the calendar, but your personal events will also be brought from Google/Outlook calendar back into the SimplyBook.me scheduler, blocking time and preventing clients from reserving time when you're already booked.

Mobile iOS and Android apps

Admin and Client Applications for iPhones and iPads
Now managing bookings from your iPhone and iPad devices is as easy as that! Just download the application and add, edit, cancel bookings at any time and any place. Clients can also download the client application, add your company to their favorites and see the list of their bookings from their mobile phone or tablet.
Client Application for Android Devices
Your clients can book an appointment through any online device or download the Client Android app and book an appointment through that. Just open Play Market and search for SimplyBook.me and easily download the app!

Different time zones

Show Booking Page in Client´s Time Zone
Providing services for clients worldwide is not a problem anymore! When visiting your booking website for the first time, your clients will choose the time zone and see availability according to their local time. You will have this booking in your calendar at your local time; and no more confusion about the exact timing of the appointment.
Send Notifications in Client´s Time Zone
Moreover, apart from seeing the availability in their local time, clients will receive all notifications in their time as well. SimplyBook.me offers a wide range of email and sms notifications including booking confirmation, change, cancellation notifications and reminders before services.

Various events and recurring services (packs of services)

Limited Time Events
Events feature can be suitable for both services that have regular bookings, and organize some special events from time to time, or for those services which provide only events on specific dates. Simply create event, select date and time when it can be booked and let SimplyBook.me handle the rest for you!
Service Packs
You can allow your clients to book not only single appointment with you, but also packs of appointments. By making a service recurring you can sell a set of 4 art classes each Monday, for example, or 3 month subscription to the gym of 24 reservations.

User access levels

Multiple System Users
You can share the burden of managing the business with your staff by giving them access to the admin interface. Simply create users with login details for them and they will be able to login and see the bookings. You can also configure what information they can and can’t access.
Assign Different User Roles
SimplyBook.me offers various access levels for your staff, so they can manage their bookings and schedules. You can allow senior employees to manage and edit schedule of all staff, junior employees will have access only to their own bookings and schedule, and if you want someone just to see the calendar, but do not want that person to have the ability to change anything, you can limit his/her rights to a mere viewer.
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