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Online Booking System for Hair and Beauty Salons. Streamline Your Workflow: Automatic Scheduling, Reminders, and Payments with

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A diverse range of beauty services, suitable of any size, or number of locations

All-in-One Online Booking for Services, Product Sales, and Consultations

Accept bookings to your beauty salon from multiple channels

With you can accept bookings via various booking channels. Pick your favourite ones or enable all of them to ensure that you have the maximum online visibility!

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Booking software with all the features for business

  • Booking
  • Scheduling
  • Marketing
  • Payment
  • Reporting
  • Management
  • Admin & Brand App

Multiple booking options for your clients

Accept bookings via various channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Google Reserve. You can also embed the booking widget on your website as well.

Accept bookings on website & online channels
Multiple booking options for your clients

Manage your service & appointment schedules

Secure a steady flow of business and revenue by setting easily manageable schedules for you and your staff.

Manage your business like a pro
Manage your service and appointment schedules

Boost your business with effective marketing tools

Leverage comprehensive marketing tools to attract new clients, sell more to current clients, and keep them engaged

Grow your salon business effectively
Boost your business with effective marketing tools

Effortlessly handle both online and on-site payments

Accept online payments, deposits and booking fees, and for walk-in clients, use our POS to schedule and take payments via cash or credit card

Enjoy seamless transactions with NO commission
Effortlessly handle both online and on-site payments

Team scheduling is crystal clear

Efficiently manage staff schedules and allow staff to set their hours and sync personal calendars with client bookings to avoid double bookings.

Team scheduling is crystal clear

Manage Appointments Wherever You Are

Offer clients your personalized salon scheduling app to book services and download the admin app to manage your business.

Go Smart - Go Mobile
Manage Appointments Wherever You Are


Q&A with a client

Q: How many bookings come through the booking site?

A: Virtually all of our bookings come through the booking website. We no longer take manual bookings or do manual invoicing. All bookings must be made through the website for our coordinators to see their booked events.

Q: Do you use the mobile admin app?

A: Yes, we do! It’s mandatory for all our coordinators to download the app, so they always know their schedule. That’s why we like the ability to assign agents to each separate booking. They always have the correct information for their bookings on the app.

Q: Do you use other button integrations, Google, Facebook, etc.?

A: Yes, we use all the booking buttons to get more bookings from as many places as possible.


Grace Malaihollo

founder of The Table Service


Take back your time and simplify your life!

Running a beauty salon isn’t about managing appointments and bookings - or at least it shouldn’t be. Phones ringing, emails piling up - constant chaos! It doesn’t have to be like that… offers salon booking system for beauty salons either through a professional booking website or a booking widget if you already have a website

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  • Manage Clients

    Keep your client lists organised, monitor and manage bookings, cancellations, and alterations, and keep clients and providers informed with notifications and reminders of upcoming bookings.

  • Manage Business

    Stay up to date with your business performance via the admin app. Keep track of bookings, sales, provider workloads, and much more through your dashboard and insightful reports.

  • Manage Reviews

    Don't forget to ask for reviews, and automate the email process. Use positive reviews in your marketing strategy and use social proof to engage more clients.

  • We´re here to help

    Our top-notch, Live Chat support team are available 24 hours every weekday. Alternatively, you can access the comprehensive help centre with written instructions or video tutorials for all the features of our system.

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Over 10 languages available

And the ability to make customised changes to the language.

Rave reviews

Over 500 glowing references.

Strong SEO

Is key in bringing you and your clients together online.

Website or widget

Get a booking website or a widgets for your existing website.

Stop the madness!

Weight of your shoulders!

Stop the nightmare of going back and forth on the phone or email to schedule a booking

Start your clients to see your real time availability and book online when it suits them, day or night, on any device

Stop the constant interruptions while you are servicing your clients

Start Send automatic confirmations and reminders to reduce no-shows

Stop the lost sales due to last minute cancellations or no shows

Start accept online payments or onsite payments with our POS feature

Stop the whole mess of double bookings, paper calendars and mix ups.

Start Manage your whole business like a pro! Manage your staff, get business reports, sell gift cards, use coupons for low times, showcase your instagram images and so much more!

Awesome Support!

Our Live Chat agents are working 24h during the working week - ready to help your clients all the way!

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What software does a hair and beauty salon use?

Hair & beauty salons use various software to manage their operations efficiently. Some common categories of software used in hair & beauty salons include:

  • Appointment Scheduling and Booking System: Essential for managing client appointments, featuring online booking, automated reminders, and stylist scheduling.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Used for processing payments and managing sales online and offline.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Helps manage client data, track preferences and history, and engage with clients through marketing and loyalty programs.

The booking system offers comprehensive features to help hair and beauty salons manage appointment scheduling and keep track of client booking information. You can also complete online or onsite transactions through the POS system if you need to accept payment.


What is a hair and beauty salon appointment system?

A hair and beauty salon booking system is software designed to streamline salon bookings and scheduling. Key features include:

  • Online Booking: Enables clients to book appointments online, eliminating the need for calls or in-person visits.
  • Calendar Management: Helps manage staff schedules and track appointment slots to prevent double bookings.
  • Client Management: Stores client information and preferences, aiding in personalizing services.
  • Automated Reminders: Sends reminders to reduce no-shows and improve operations. is the booking system that enhances salon efficiency, improves customer experience, and varies from essential booking tools to complete salon management solutions.


Why use hair and beauty salon booking software?

Using salon booking system offers several significant benefits for hair and beauty salons:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Automated appointment scheduling, reducing manual effort and minimizing scheduling errors.
  • Convenient 24/7 Booking: Allows clients to book appointments anytime, improving accessibility and potentially increasing the number of bookings.
  • Reduced No-Shows: Automated reminders help decrease missed appointments, saving time and potential revenue loss.
  • Better Customer Management: Stores client data for personalized services and tracks preferences for improved customer experiences.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Provides valuable analytics and reports on business performance and client trends, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Start using for managing appointment scheduling now and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

Start using for managing appointment scheduling and enjoy a 14-day free trial

How do salon owners choose an online salon booking system?

Selecting an online salon booking system involves several considerations to ensure the software meets the specific needs of the salon. Salon owners should consider the following factors::

  • Essential Features: Ensure the system includes key functionalities like appointment scheduling, client management, and automated reminders, with additional features like marketing tools if needed.
  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: The system should be user-friendly and accessible on multiple mobile devices to facilitate easy booking and management for clients and staff.
  • Cost and Support: Evaluate the pricing to fit the salon's budget and ensure reliable customer support is available for any technical assistance. provides a comprehensive solution for beauty and hair salons to automate their appointment scheduling. It encompasses all the necessary features. For further assistance, our professional customer support is available for system guidance.


What features does the booking system offer for hair and beauty salons?

Beyond basic appointment scheduling and automated reminder features, the booking system offers over 60 custom features, allowing salon owners to tailor their unique booking website according to their brand.:

Even better, also provides valuable marketing modules to help hair and beauty salons boost sales and encourage customer revisits, such as Promotion System, Packages, Loyalty Systems, Memberships, and more. is not just about appointment management; it's your most powerful tool for boosting business performance!

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How do salon owners choose an online salon booking system? offers flexible pricing for hair and beauty salons, ranging from free to a premium plan at 49.9 USD. Whether you are just starting your business or have multiple branches, it's ideal for all business sizes and helps you easily manage appointment scheduling.:

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