SimplyBook.me is essential for our ability to run our clinic effectively. Our patients love the convenience of online booking and comment on how easy the system is to use. We often recommend SimplyBook.me to other clinicians.

Cotswold Community Acupuncture

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CEO, Juliette P.

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Counselor, Vanessa P.

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Founder & CEO, Beryl K.

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Beautiful looking Booking Websites and Booking Widgets

Feature rich system where you can manage most of your business

Amazing customer support - live 24hours during the working week

"The staff/support agents are always helpful. Their documentation and resources go above and beyond every other calendar system. This is top-notch!

Alex was my agent today answering my quick question, and he is so kind. Every time I ask they are so nice and extremely helpful. The software is amazing and offers so much for users to save time, streamline their business, and automate many many elements of a business. I can't rave enough about this business! There are tools for everything you could imagine."


"Simplybook.me is easy to set up and has a great support whenever you have any struggles. I really appreciate that you can design your booking page according to your company corporate design and needs."

Sonnen Tanz

Overall: All great. Customer support really fast and efficient. Always able to solve any issues.

Pros: Very easy to use and setup. Syncing with Outlook works really well.

Cons: Only bad thing is all the additional features they offer. You get tempted to want more.

Christian L

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It's a great service that provides everything a small business needs, with room to grow and become much more personalised. Customer service response is quick.

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Zachary Durland

Overall, it has simplified the chain of communication between customers and myself. Some are reluctant to use online booking, but once they try it, it seems to work well for them. I renewed recently and plan to use the service for the next 6 months at least.

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Mitchel Sullivan

I like all the options and fexability of your services. I do wish you had better support for seting up more complecated scenarios. We have more then 5 markets and i need seprate calendars for each and have no idea how to set that up. but one location seemed to be set up we will see how performance will be under pressure.

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Made My business more proffesional

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A Conscious Life Hypnotherapy

I LOVE SimplyBook.me! As an experienced user of appointment driven business applications - SB is by far the system I have used the longest (after experiencing a number of them) because it works the best! Very easy to book/rescheduled/cancel. Easy to customize and the reminders for various communication modes (email/text) has saved my practice quite a bit of money in reducing no-shows. I would recommend this service in a heartbeat.

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Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba


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Stacy Bruce

I'm satisfied with it, easy to use, clients like it, and it makes your business sell when they click on your site if your page is designed in professionally matter.

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Hoitola Eloisa

Eazy To use, pretty look, customizaple. Recommend!

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Border Studios

SimplyBook.me has been a great help in enabling customers to make bookings in their own time, 25/7. The ability to be able to take payments at the time of booking is awesome, and the best part is the customer translations function, which means I can customise my site to suit my specific business.

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Border Studios

Very easy to use. I recommend this service highly. Will not hesitate to purchase a package once my needs exceed the "free" subscription.

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