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Your business demands the highest security and to prove our ongoing commitment, we decided to adopt the ISO 27001 standard, which focuses on our organisation´s information security management (ISMS). The process has been underway for years, and we aim to achieve formal accreditation by a third party before year-end 2020.

What is ISO 27001?

The ISO 27001 standard is designed as a functional framework for information security management within an organisation.

This includes all processes and procedures related to how data is managed and used. The ISO 27001 does not offer any specific solutions but rather functions as a compliance checklist to ensure that all data management is handled with the most secure measures.

A good way to explain this is that we acknowledge what data and assets we hold, what risks might be associated, how we mitigate those risks and define what controls are needed to make sure that we manage it in the most secure way continually. This is not a one-off event; ISO 27001 is an ongoing process where we continuously monitor these risks with our controls and adjust accordingly when needed.

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Why is it important for your business?

Doing business with an ISO 27001 compliant partner, you can be certain that processes concerning the protection of your customers' data are respected and that the data is being treated according to industry best practise standards.

ISO 27001 can never guarantee data security, but the goal is to minimize risks and implement controls to monitor security on an ongoing basis. So even though ISO 27001 doesn't guarantee your 100% security, it offers a robust system to monitor how we manage data security.

Other Security Measures has had a designated security team for several years, tasked with mapping all processes, implementing new procedures and comparing processes to industry standards. is both GDPR and HIPAA compliant and offers world-class security.

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