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'Our goal is to provide a great service and become a reliable partner in your business and contribute to your future success!'

Mike Benkovich, CTO of

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Phone: +1 (315) 210-8338
Address:+499-0964, Klettagordum 9, 104 Reykjavik, Iceland
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Try our Free and Easy Online Reservation Tool!

Booking system for every service provider: dentists, medical services, hair & beauty salons, repair services, event planners, rental agencies, educational services, government agencies, school counsellors and more ...

The Best Online Scheduling Software

  • Being a designer becomes easy with Simplybook's new feature! Make your booking page unique and attractive for clients!

  • Simplybook — not just a booking system. It also helps you to better organize your company operations and to make it more profitable.

    Learn more at our blog »

Basic features for your clients

  • Web or mobile booking interface depending on their device
  • Make bookings anywhere 24/7
  • Email and SMS confirmation notifications and reminders
  • Ability to cancel booking

Customizable booking page

  • Optimize flexibility for the clients or the time usage of the service providers
  • Add the booking system as an iFrame or a booking button on your own webpage
  • Easily add bookings module to your Facebook fanpage
  • Choose a booking page template and color that suits your business
  • Pre-select services or service providers when clients visit a page with an iFrame
  • Use custom translation to allow clients to book classes, equipment or do daily bookings

Flexible settings

  • Create multiple service providers and services
  • Link service providers to all or only some services
  • Each service provider can have his own working hours and location
  • Service rpoviders can be set to accept any number of clients (f.ex. Classes)
  • Recurring services that can repeat daily, weekly or with some clever options

Be up to date all the time

  • Accept online and offline bookings
  • Send email and SMS notifications and reminders to both clients and service providers
  • Collect feedback from clients to sell more and make your service better

Easy administration

  • Detailed booking reports that can be filtered in various ways
  • Dashboard to manage bookings from any device
  • System users/employees get own login and controlled access

Use plugins to get advanced features

  • Additional fields
    Collect more information about your clients and their needs using the Additional fields plugin
  • Accept payments
    Manage service prices and accept online payments for bookings using our Accept payments plugin. You can accept payments via Paypal, Zooz, Skrill, Dwolla and Bitcoin
  • Insights
    Use the Insights plugin to see various statistics about the business operations such as how your employees are doing compared to each other, who has most available time, who creates most revenues etc.
  • Group booking
    Allow clients to book time for friends and family in same booking with Group bookings plugin
  • Multiple booking
    Allow clients to book more than one service before check-out with Multiple bookings plugin
  • Book soon
    Remind your clients automatically via targeted messages to come back and book a new appointment using the Book Soon plugin.
  • Google calendar sync
    Sync your bookings and available time with a seleted Google calendar using the Google calendar sync plugin
  • Status
    Set status and color for your bookings in the Dashboard with the Status plugin
  • Unit location
    Use the Unit location plugin to manage multiple locations of your business
  • Categories
    Categories plugin allows you to group services into categories to simplify service selection and view for the clients
  • News
    Add news to your webpage with the News plugin
  • Google analytics
    Track your visitors with Google analytics plugin
  • Facebook login
    See who is showing up and allow your clients to virally tell others about the appointment with you, using the Facebook login plugin
  • Terms and conditions
    Add your own special terms and Conditions with Terms and conditions plugin
  • Simply Smart Promotions
    Promote specific services and service providers in a limited number and during a limited time, with email and SMS messages to your clients with the mighty Simply Smart Promotions plugin
  • Custom CSS
    Modify the look of your page, colors and fonts with the Custom CSS plugin
  • Any employee selector
    Use the Any employee selector plugin to evenly distribute workload on available service providers when clients don’t know which one to choose
  • Contact us widget
    Add a Contact us and Book now button to your own website with the Contact us widget
  • API for developers
    Do you have special requirements and programming skills? - Do everything you need using our powerful API for developers


  • Additional fields
    The additional fields plugin is one of the most useful plug-in as it allows you to request additional information from your clients during check-out. You can ask several questions and they can be answered in many types of fields, such as text lines, drop-downs, text boxes etc.
  • Status
    If you have a company with many providers, and a service desk accepting clients you can add status possibility to events to see the status. This is for example used to mark appointment with one status as "client has arrived", and then another as "Client has eft and paid" or what ever you choose to sort better your appointments.
  • Accept payments
    Allows you to show prices for services and your clients will be able to pay for your service during check-out. You can select if it is required or selective.
  • Html description field for events
    This plugin allows you to put html code as service description instead of plain text
  • Service categories
    'Service categories' plug-in allows you to group services by category. If your company provides many services, this will help customers to browse the services. You can also use it if you have more than one work location.
  • News
    Plugin 'News' gives you possibility to manage news for your company main page in our reservation system.
  • Google analytics
    Add Google analytics to your booking webpage and see how many visit it both normally and during campaigns.
  • Facebook client info
    The Facebook login plugin allows your clients to use their Facebook profile to log in and make appointments. They can do this on your booking page or in your widgets and you will see their facebook image in your dashboard. This plugin really simplifies the booking process for Facebook users. REMARK: Services that client books may be visible on his/her timeline
  • Google calendar sync plugin
    This plugin allows you to sync all your bookings to your google calendar and block times from your google calendar that you have already booked
  • Terms and conditions
    Allows to create and manage terms and conditions of your company
  • Simply Smart Promotions
    Allows you to create promotions and send them to a selection or all of your clients. The promotions can have a fixed duration period, and fixed number of reservations. They can also be set to only be valid during certain dates and time of day. Use this to increase sales, win back clients and get new ones from your friends clients.
  • Custom CSS
    Use this plug-in to change booking interface view as you want. You can add new CSS rules or redeclare existing to make booking pages fit to your company's design = If you know how to use CSS and Firebug then you can use this plugin to do design changes on your templates and widgets. If you don't know, but need to adjust colors, contact our live help or support with requirements, and we will try to help you.
  • Book Soon notification system
    You can use the /Come Again Soon/ plugin to automatically send your clients a message, a certain number of days after they used your service. You can create different message for different services and with different days before the message is delivered. Ex. Always send clients a message 30 days after they last used a service, reminding them that soon might be a good idea to make an appointment.
  • Multiple bookings
    The multiple booking plug-in allows your clients to book more than one service before they check-out. If the payment plugin is used, they will be asked to pay for all bookings at time of check-out.
  • Group bookings
    The group bookings plug-in allows your clients to reserve a slot for many participants at the same time. If you use payment plug-in at the same time, the sum payment for all participants is collected at check-out. Only the group leader is registered but you can use additional fields plug-in to get additional information.
  • Any Employee selector
    Allow your clients to choose any employee and have it show only available times of all your available providers/units so they can easily find the right time that suits them.
  • Unit location
    The location plugin is a great addition for those who have outlets or provide services in more than one location. You can set address for each location so that your client gets reminded to come to the correct place.
  • SSL plugin
    Make all client's connections with the server through secure layer. This is important when delicate information is being transmitted.
  • Contact widget
    The contact and appointment widget plugin enhances your booking system by allowing your website visitors to either make a direct appointment in your system, or send you a contact request with detailed information about who they are and what they would like to ask. You can then contact them back at your convenience. This widget will certainly increase your service level further and get you in contact with more of your clients.
  • API
    Use our developer API to create your own booking interface. You can design any solution you want varying from simpliest widget to multifunctional application with functionality customized according to your business specific.
  • Insights
    Get a quick glance view of key performance indicators & business metrics of your company. Variety of charts give you a the possibility to optimize your company time, service providers working schedule and alot of other issues. Manage your business and increase your profits with the new financial dashboard!
  • Mobile application
    This plugin allows you to use our IOS and Android app to manage bookings and to receive instant push notifications
  • Limit bookings
    This plugin allows you to restrict booking quantity which can be booked at the same time. It is possible to limit booking number at the same time generally, and also you can set certain limit for each service separately (for example you may want to use this limitation if some of your services require additional things like dental chair or room in the studio etc.) When the booking limit is reached the corresponding time interval will looks like breaktime at the booking pages (and in the admin interface if you haven't set to skip this restrictions for admin).
  • Approve booking
    Use the 'Approve booking' plugin if you want to check information and then approve the booking if it suits your needs or client is approbriate for this service. A non-approved booking is visible at the admin's dashboard in a light blue colour. After you approve it, sms and email notifications will be sent to the client and the booked time becomes occupied and colour of booking changes in dashboard.
  • Take me back home
    The take me back home plugin, allows you to bring clients back to your home page or selected URL after a booking has been performed on the booking page. Clients can press a link or they will be brought back to your homepage after a few seconds by a redirect script.
  • Clean history plugin
    Use this plugin to clean all old bookings from the system. You can set when the bookings should be deleted and then the plugin will take care of never having older bookings on record than according to your definition. Please use with care as we can not get deleted bookings back for you!
  • Provider's color coding plugin
    Some users like to simplify the dashboard view by having providers with certain colors. With this plugin, you can give each of your providers their own colour so when you quickly glance over the dashboard, it can be easily seen what bookings belong to each provider.

Our goal is to increase your revenues!

  • Not only does our software help you to be more organized, and service you clients better but we also do our best in inventing viral methods to get you more clients and more revenues. For this reason we both implement an automatic appointment share on Facebook and ask your clients for a recommendation that they are asked to share to their friends. You can then select the reviews you like to display on your webpage. Let our software help you to get more client, more revenues and happier clients.

  • How will it work for your company?

    We start by assigning you an unique url in the format: This will be your website link at the website. If you do not have your own website, this will be your main gateway to the world. —You can advertise this link or simply give your clients the link when they visit you so they can reserve your services at times when you are available and that are convenient for them.

    If you already have your own website, — simply place a "Book now" button somewhere in plain sight on your front page. When visitors click the button, they will see the Simplybook form, where they can reserve your company's services. If you need help, please contact

  • If you have a day job but want to start your own business...

    Now is your opportunity! is totally free, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. The administrative part is designed with simplicity in mind, and you can add more features by simply choosing relevant plug-ins.

    We know your work time is very important, and receiving calls during client visits is bad for business. Using online booking is better than wasting your time on phone calls and makes you available 24/7.

    Best of all — you both get a personal webpage at and the booking service can be added as an application on your Facebook fanpage.

  • If you run a medical company...

    As a medical clinic, stomatology, consultation center, or other medical services, it is particularly important to provide your clients with detailed information about available procedures and consultations. allows you to group related services under categories (e.g. diagnostic, therapy, aesthetics, prophylaxis, etc.) You can also add price information to services.

    You get a well-designed website where you can place a logo, company information, location on a Google map, information on all service personnel, contacts and opening hours, to name a few.

  • If you own a beauty salon...

    With all the different services a beauty salon provides such as manicures, makeup, tanning, skin tightening, and massage, the best way to attract new clients is to promote your employees on your website. Using the Simplybook 'image gallery' plug-in, you can showcase images of your work and results to potential clients.

    If you have employees with flexible work schedules, they will benefit from text message reminders about upcoming appointments.

  • If you are a repair service company...

    When working with cars, electronic devices, domestic appliances, or other devices, it's always useful to know the description of the damage, car type, or device model. On, the additional booking fields plug-in allows you to add to the booking form so that clients can better inform you about the service they require.

    People get in trouble day and night with their cars or devices, so it can be very convenient for your clients to be able to create a repair order without waiting for a working day to start to call your service center.

    If you are servicing many clients who have to wait while their cars or devices are being repaired, they will want to be updated on the status of the repair at regular intervals. After enabling the 'Status' plug-in, you can create any status to keep track of your client's arrival, repair, and payment.

  • If you offer training courses of any kind...

    If you are a provider of language courses, design, IT or anything else, you have the option to register both individual and group lessons by combining a certain number of participants into a training group. ensures that the appointments are handled and won't allow the group size to exceed a maximum limit. Using the reports allows you to see the current class size and reservations at any time.

    Training courses are different from salon appointments since lessons are typically available on particular days and hours such as once or twice per week. The appointment scheduler is particularly suitable for these kinds of tasks as it allows you to create services with multiple appointments in one service. Your client chooses the start date and books the recurring appointments on the following pre-set available days.

  • If you organize cultural events...

    If you organize events such as festivals, parties or tourist trips and want to include photos or videos of your events for promotional purposes, provides you with your own personal webpage including web hosting and website setup. Using our simple content management system, you can customize your webpage any way you want. For instance, you can add services with full description and photos as well as any content that will help you demonstrate your services.

    If you already have you own website, the booking form can easily be added as a button-widget or an iframe.

  • In case, you offer your clients rent service...

    When renting out cars, apartments, boats, meeting-rooms, or virtually anything else, upfront deposits or guaranteed payments may be required. fully supports the most popular electronic payment systems such as PayPal.

    It is also important to show customers good photos of the cars, rooms you're renting as well as the location of the services. allows you to both show multiple photos as well as your location on an integrated Google map on your webpage.

Add booking capabilities to your business webpage

Make your website or app more relevant, engaging and profitable by providing the action your clients wish to take upon discovering local businesses. Our API lets you easily include a 'Book Now' button directly in your webpage, allowing your clients to schedule appointments in real-time, day or night.

Our API gives you access to all the booking data you need to build and deploy scheduling capabilities to your audience of clients.

Let your clients book services without leaving your app!

Connecting a client with your business schedule, we are bridging an entirely new layer of commerce. We believe that direct appointment booking on your app or website allows us to provide you with customer delivery, not just a customer potential.

Why thousands of customers choose Simplybook API?

  • Clear and simple interface. Building your own booking service with no problem
  • You can easily plug-in all functionality you need
  • Real-time scheduling – your clients can book appointments where they want, when they want 24/7
  • ...and our app gives you plenty of another usefull features!

Explore Our API

Explore our Booking API and see the power and flexibility if offers:

Try our API Explorer
See user API guide
API code documentation

— "Our API is built to make your life easier so you can focus on your clients."

Would you like to know about us? is a part of a net of scheduling and appointment pages available in many countries and languages. supplies users with an easy to use scheduling system that allows them to open for appointments and scheduling on their own webpage through the use of an Iframe or by using the webpages supplied by us.

Users can insert images and descriptions of their service units (hair dressers, massagers, trainers etc) as well as of their services (simple haircut, haircut and coloring, 45 minutes massage) and thereby creating a fully customised webpage adjusted to their business.

As well as taking appointments, users can accept reservations for sight seeing trips, city tours, or pretty much anything that needs a reservation.

Users can also accept payments upfront for all provided services and lets not forget that all clients can receive an SMS reminder to let them not forget the appointment and thereby increasing their revenue.



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New feature poll result

    Allow clients to print redeemable tickets: 19%
    Show language selector on the booking page: 10%
    Instant notifications in a client app on mobile devices: 15%
    Sell goods/products add-ons along with your services: 13%
    Weekly availability table per class or service provider: 19%
    Auto sync with Outlook: 24%

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Colton, United States of America
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London, United Kingdom
Indooroopilly, Australia
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