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Free Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software!

Booking system for every service provider: dentists, medical services, hair & beauty salons, repair services, event planners, rental agencies, educational services, government agencies, school counsellors and more ...

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The Best Online Appointment Scheduling and Booking Software

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  • Being a designer becomes easy with Simplybook's new feature! Make your booking page unique and attractive for clients!

  • Simplybook — not just a booking system. It also helps you to better organize your company operations and to make it more profitable.

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Basic features for your clients

  • Web or mobile booking interface depending on their device
  • Make bookings anywhere 24/7
  • Email and SMS confirmation notifications and reminders
  • Ability to cancel booking

Customizable booking page

  • Optimize flexibility for the clients or the time usage of the service providers
  • Add the booking system as an iFrame or a booking button on your own webpage
  • Easily add bookings module to your Facebook fanpage
  • Choose a booking page template and color that suits your business
  • Pre-select services or service providers when clients visit a page with an iFrame
  • Use custom translation to allow clients to book classes, equipment or do daily bookings

Flexible settings

  • Create multiple service providers and services
  • Link service providers to all or only some services
  • Each service provider can have his own working hours and location
  • Service providers can be set to accept any number of clients (f.ex. Classes)
  • Recurring services that can repeat daily, weekly or with some clever options

Be up to date all the time

  • Accept online and offline bookings
  • Send email and SMS notifications and reminders to both clients and service providers
  • Collect feedback from clients to sell more and make your service better

Easy administration

  • Detailed booking reports that can be filtered in various ways
  • Dashboard to manage bookings from any device
  • System users/employees get own login and controlled access

Use plugins to get advanced features

  • Additional fields
    Collect more information about your clients and their needs using the Additional fields plugin
  • Accept payments
    Manage service prices and accept online payments for bookings using our Accept payments plugin. You can accept payments via Paypal, Zooz, Skrill, Dwolla and Bitcoin
  • Insights
    Use the Insights plugin to see various statistics about the business operations such as how your employees are doing compared to each other, who has most available time, who creates most revenues etc.
  • Group booking
    Allow clients to book time for friends and family in same booking with Group bookings plugin
  • Multiple booking
    Allow clients to book more than one service before check-out with Multiple bookings plugin
  • Book soon
    Remind your clients automatically via targeted messages to come back and book a new appointment using the Book Soon plugin.
  • Google calendar sync
    Sync your bookings and available time with a seleted Google calendar using the Google calendar sync plugin
  • Status
    Set status and color for your bookings in the Dashboard with the Status plugin
  • Unit location
    Use the Unit location plugin to manage multiple locations of your business
  • Categories
    Categories plugin allows you to group services into categories to simplify service selection and view for the clients
  • News
    Add news to your webpage with the News plugin
  • Google adwords and analytics
    Track your visitors with Google analytics plugin
  • Facebook login
    See who is showing up and allow your clients to virally tell others about the appointment with you, using the Facebook login plugin
  • Terms and conditions
    Add your own special terms and Conditions with Terms and conditions plugin
  • Simply Smart Promotions
    Promote specific services and service providers in a limited number and during a limited time, with email and SMS messages to your clients with the mighty Simply Smart Promotions plugin
  • Custom CSS
    Modify the look of your page, colors and fonts with the Custom CSS plugin
  • Any employee selector
    Use the Any employee selector plugin to evenly distribute workload on available service providers when clients don’t know which one to choose
  • Contact us widget
    Add a Contact us and Book now button to your own website with the Contact us widget
  • API for developers
    Do you have special requirements and programming skills? - Do everything you need using our powerful API for developers

Simple Promotion System will Help you to Schedule More Clients

You can make more money and expand your clientele while minimising marketing costs by using the Promotion system. This system is unique in the world of appointment scheduling because it allows you not only to create promotions, but also to leverage your existing clients and get them to be your salesforce. This is done by using rewards and promotions, where your existing clients can get rewards for telling others about your promotions.

Make a promotion
Create a reward
Tell your clients
They tell their friends
You get more clients

Don’t wait, use the promotion and scheduling software to schedule more clients than ever before!

New feature poll result

    Allow clients to print redeemable tickets: 17%
    Show language selector on the booking page: 11%
    Instant notifications in a client app on mobile devices: 15%
    Sell goods/products add-ons along with your services: 13%
    Weekly availability table per class or service provider: 19%
    Auto sync with Outlook: 24%

Some recent bookings

Scribe Interview was booked in Dallas, United States of America 2 minutes ago
Business Development was booked in Denver, United States of America 2 minutes ago
Consultation was booked in Castle Hill, Australia 2 minutes ago
Personalized Tutoring Lesson (1.5 Hour) was booked in Richmond, United States of America 2 minutes ago
Consultation was booked in Brisbane, Australia 2 minutes ago
Learning Space Booking was booked in Singapore, Singapore 2 minutes ago
Community Group Pastoral Call was booked in St. Louis, United States of America 2 minutes ago
Free 15 Minute Consultation (Online or by Phone) was booked in London, United States of America 2 minutes ago
Float Tank was booked in Schererville, United States of America 2 minutes ago
Gameroom was booked in Greenville, United States of America 2 minutes ago

Newly joined companies:

Christchurch, New Zealand
London, United Kingdom
Kealakekua, United States of America
Medicine Hat, Canada
Mineola, United States of America
Arlington, United States of America
Goose Creek, United States of America
Jenks, United States of America
Atlanta, United States of America
West Melbourne, Australia
Mawson Lakes, Australia
Port of Spain, Trinidad And Tobago
Tubarão, Brasil
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Рузаевка, Russia
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