Easy scheduling of sport classes
Easy scheduling of sports classes & Memberships
In the era of modern technologies, active sports people love when they can simply go online and sign up for any sports class no matter where they are, night or day. Keep yourself up to date and introduce a booking system for your gym, fitness or yoga classes. Simply create your classes, define their availability and you will have both old and new clients signing up 24/7 from their desktop or mobile devices whether it is for a single class or recurring sports classes. If you only want members to be able to book, then no problem, we have got you covered with our Membership Custom feature.
Recurring services
Bundle of services - Recurring services
Fitness training generally requires systematic exercise for a period of time in order to progress. With the help of SimplyBook.me your clients do not need to click twelve times to sign up for each class three times a week for a month. You can simply select the days when the classes are available and define the number of repeated times. This way you can easily offer your clients a month subscription for any of your classes as well as proposing special offers for 2, 3, 6 months or more!
Send reminders
Automatic Reminders
You and your clients are busy with work and personal life. And to be honest, keeping all appointments and tasks in mind or running around with a book at all times is challenging. Email and sms reminders before classes will help your clients to organize themselves better and prepare them before training. In addition, automatic reminders are a great solution for you to reduce clients no-shows! The system also sends automatic reminders to each instructor so that they won't forget that they have a class to teach!
Individual schedules for trainers
Individual schedules for trainers/ coaches/ instructors
Managing individual schedules for each instructor requires a lot of time that can easily be fixed with SimplyBook.me! All you need to do is to enter the schedule of each trainer in the system and the calendar will automatically show their availability to clients. Furthermore, you can give your instructors restricted access to the admin site so that they can manage their own bookings and working hours without seeing other instructors’ schedules.
Stories of Our Clients
  • We decided to try Simply Book.me for our coaching launch booking system. Although the system is designed for People it is flexible enough to allow me to tailor it for the launches. The idea is to upgrade to the paid system in the future when the users get familiar with the online booking regime. This would involve adding the rest of our fleet to the system (approx. 70 rowing boats). The benefits of the system include the reduction of work for the Launch boat booker that was previously using an excel spreadsheet and emails. Also the users find the system and the app a delight to use. Overall the Simplybook.me experience has been great so far. I have had no need to ask for support yet as the wizard made the setup a breeze Colin Bearpark

    – Tees Rowing Club Launch Booking
Why SimplyBook.me is the best
    • Trial month includes all functions of the system completely for free.
    • Upgrade to paid only when you have more clients
    • No credit card details are required during registration
    • Free booking widgets for your website
    • We take NO commissions when your clients pay you
    • Join tens of thousands successful companies who have signed up
    • Free phone and chat support
    • European and North American servers for fast operations
    • Strong SEO for your booking website
    • Over 19 languages available and you can add your own
    • Join our social networks and bring your own ideas
    • Free assistance with setup