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Introducing iBoB - the first Intelligent Booking Oriented Voice Bot

What does iBoB do

iBoB is your friend, your assistant, he picks up the phone, talks to your clients and schedules the appointments for you. All you need to do is to activate iBoB inside the system, get some iBoB credits and set him up in under 2 minutes. When your clients call the iBoB number, iBoB already knows your services, providers and available times and he will pick up the phone, lead them through the scheduling process, get relevant details and confirm the booking with your clients. All you need to do is to check your appointment calendar and see the new bookings rolling in from both phone calls and of course the internet.

What are iBoB´s best features?

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iBoB loves to work

Your personal assistant, iBoB works 24/7 all year round, never gets tired, never complains and answers many people at the same really is not that easy, just try doing that yourself!

iBoB wants to boost your business

iBoB wants your brilliant receptionists to concentrate on more productive things than answering routine phone calls. Your receptionists can now concentrate on social marketing, updating the look on your SimplyBook booking page or working on getting new clients through the SimplyBook promotion system. No worries, iBoB takes care of scheduling the appointments and only hands you the phone when needed!

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iBoB wants you to look cool!

New technology appears all the time, but normal businesses usually gets access to it very ….. well let’s say … late. Voice recognition technology is still new and it is awesome. You know it from both Alexa and Google Home. With iBOB, you have the same technology as the big guys, well it used to be like this but in fact most of them don’t even have this yet! Your business takes a leap and the lead into the future using the latest technology. Make your business stand out from the crowd, and get iBOB working for you. He looks forward becoming part of your team.

How does it work?

  • Your clients call the iBOB phone number. This is a number that you select and you can choose the country and type of number.
  • iBOB Answers your clients with a greeting that you can decide. He then offers them to make a booking. Now it is up to your clients. They can go through the booking process with iBOB or they can simply ask him to find next available slot. iBOB will then just find the next slot and propose to them. If they don’t like it, booking process continues.
  • Your client can also just say that he is looking for time friday next week, or tomorrow, and then iBOB will try help him to find a free slot then.
  • This all happens through voice and voice recognition, no need to tap numbers on the phone to select anything. If iBOB happens to have a client that speaks unclearly, he will probably just give the phone over to your staff and allow to handle them.
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