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Our Road Map is simple,
effective and fast:
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Conference Call to understand your business requirements and see how can help to make your business more efficient.
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2.Planning Process:
Design how to implement the scheduling software into your business in order to create a full fledge omni channel solution, removing any obstacles for future clients.
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We make sure the solution fits your enterprise structure.
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Training session for your employees with our professional enterprise experts to make sure they are familiar with the system before launch.
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Solution launched in a live environment.
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Ongoing outstanding support both from Live Chat and your dedicated account manager. offers your business the most flexible scheduling solution
  • Omni Channel Solution:
    Allow your clients to book an appointment right from your website with real-time availability thereby removing any obstacles.
  • Privacy and Security: is GDPR compliant (European Privacy regulation that came to effect in May 2018) with a dedicated security officer and DPO offering you industry leading privacy and security.
  • Specific enterprise servers:
    Dedicated server can set up for enterprise clients that need white label system, and even more reliability and security.
  • Service:
    Outstanding customer support for your employees on top of a dedicated account manager.
  • Customization:
    Over 40 custom features to streamline the system to your requirements.
  • Headquarters dashboard:
    Layered dashboard, with different access levels. Top management can view all KPIs for all branches whereas regional/local managers can only view their respective KPIs.
  • Link removal:
    The solution can be fully white labelled towards both employees and clients of the enterprise and all communication will be branded by the enterprise such as emails and SMS.
  • Worldwide:
    Appointments can be booked in different countries with different time zones in 12 languages
  • Handle bookings in different timezones:
    For partners who have many branches across a country or the world.
  • High scalability architecture:
    Unlimited subsystems.
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Plans & Prices
Basic Enterprise
$ 350
  • Unlimited custom features
  • Bookings per month
  • Dedicated Account Manager*
  • Slack channel with account manager
  • 1 System
Standard Enterprise
$ 650
  • Unlimited custom features
  • Bookings per month
    10.000 per sub system
  • Dedicated Account Manager*
  • Slack channel with account manager
  • Up to 5 sub systems
  • Enterprise dashboard overview**
  • API channel access***

* Dedicated account manager, understands your needs, assists with setting up the system, is always ready to answer any questions you might have and introduces new relevant features to you when they are available.

** Enterprise dashboard shows list of all subsystems, allows for easy access to any of the subsystems, shows stream of bookings reviews coming in from all subsystems.

*** You get access to SimplyBook API programmers channel where you can ask sophisticated questions to the API creators.

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