Enterprise Scheduling Software that solves demanding needs
The SimplyBook.me enterprise scheduling software is built with complex needs in mind, which allows for both real-time scheduling and management of your bookings. The software fits different business sectors and their variable processes and setup. It is THE solution to grow your business by enhancing customer engagement via all your sales channels.
联系我们的专家来了解 SimplyBook.me 在线预约管理平台将如何提高您企业的网站效率。
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Dedicated Support
Your own account manager will be there by your side, ready to help, when you need assistance with technical questions, training, or new implementations. You will get your own Slack channel where you can communicate directly with your account manager. On top of that we provide outstanding ongoing live customer support for your employees.
Professional Guidance
Schedule a meeting with our enterprise advisor, tell us your requirements and we will inform you right away if we have the right enterprise scheduling software for you. We do not take on projects that we do not feel are a right fit with our software as this only creates inconveniences and bad experience for both you and us.
Top management can view all KPIs for all branches whereas regional/local managers can only view their respective KPIs with the layered dashboard, with different access levels. Stay on top of your business, see which branch attracts the most appointments, which providers are the most popular ones, and who gets the best reviews. Easily access each of the subsystems to make changes in setup.
SimplyBook.me is GDPR compliant, with a dedicated security and DPO officers offering industry leading privacy and security. Click here to read about all the security measures we have taken to ensure that your data is in secure hands.
Omni Channel Scheduling Solution
Increase conversions by allowing your clients to schedule an appointment right from your website, through a link in your outgoing emails or even directly through your online advertisements. The enterprise scheduling software takes care of showing real-time availability for all your business consultants, enabling the client to schedule a convenient time, at the peak of their interest with our seamless omnichannel appointment booking solution.
Over 50 custom features, designed to enable you to streamline the online scheduling system to your requirements. Whether you need your clients to fill in information before the appointment or accept payments upon booking, we have that covered.
Integration & Robust API
Integrate a scheduling option on your Website, Facebook page, Wordpress or other CMS systems with our widget solution. Or use our extensive API which enables the enterprise scheduling software to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and thereby building your own custom integration according to your requirements. Use the callback URL to get notified if new bookings are created, get cancelled or changed. You can use this to integrate relevant information into any system you are using, or insert it into your own database for further analysis.
Enterprise servers
For enterprise clients that require a white label system and even more reliability, higher performance and security, a dedicated server can be set up.
For businesses with branches across a country or around the world, our scheduling software is the ideal solution. Appointments can be scheduled in different countries with different time zones in 12 languages.
  • 门市 1 切尔西
  • 门市 2 格林威治
  • 门市 3 曼哈顿下城
  • 门市 4 下东城
Fast and Simple Setup
进行电话会议了解您的业务需求,并且了解 SimplyBook.me 在线预约管理平台可以如何让您的业务更有效率。
设计如何将 SimplyBook.me 在线预约管理平台置入您的业务,以创建一个完整全方位渠道的解决方案,消除未来客户的任何障碍。
$ 350
  • 无限客制功能
  • 每月预约
  • 专属的客户经理*
  • 专属 Slack 频道与客户经理沟通
  • 1 系统
$ 650
  • 无限客制功能
  • 每月预约
    10.000 / 子系统
  • 专属的客户经理*
  • 专属 Slack 频道与客户经理沟通
  • 最多 5 个子系统
  • 企业仪表盘概览**
  • API 频道存取***

* 专属的客户经理,了解您的需求,协助您架设系统,随时准备回答您可能遇到的任何问题,并且在推出新的相关功能时为您做介绍。

** 企业仪表盘会显示所有子系统的列表,让您能够轻松存取任何的子系统,显示来自所有子系统的预约评论串。

*** 您可存取 SimplyBook.me API 程序设计师频道,并且在那里向 API 创建人提出进阶的问题。

如需更多预约、专用服务器和完全的白标版本,请联系 enterprise@simplybook.me