Приложение бронирования для предприятий, удовлетворяющее высоким требованиям

Приложение подходит для различных отраслей бизнеса, их разнообразных процессов и настроек. Это решение способствует развитию Вашего бизнеса увеличивая вовлеченность клиентов через все Ваши каналы продаж.

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What SimplyBook.me offers Enterprises

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Многоканальное решение

Increase conversions by allowing your clients to schedule an appointment right from your website, your social media profiles, through a link in your outgoing emails or even directly through your online advertisements. The enterprise scheduling software takes care of showing real-time availability for all your business consultants. Consequently, enabling the client to schedule a convenient time, at the peak of their interest, with our seamless omnichannel appointment booking solution. The solution can be offered as a client white label.

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Персональный менеджер учетной записи

Your specific account manager will be there by your side, ready to help, when you need assistance with technical questions, training, or new implementations. You will get a dedicated Slack channel where you can communicate directly with your account manager. On top of that, we provide outstanding ongoing live customer support for your employees.

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Конфиденциальность и безопасность

SimplyBook.me is GDPR compliant, with dedicated security and DPO officers offering industry-leading privacy and security. We have upcoming ISO27001 compliance to ensure that your business information remains safe. Secure communications and daily back-up also ensure data integrity and loss. Click here to read about all the security measures we have taken to ensure that your data is in safe hands. We run a distributed server system around the world for faster experience and to follow applicable privacy regulation.

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Интеграция и надежный API

Integrate a scheduling option on your Website, Facebook, Instagram or on your Google Business profile. Or use our extensive API. Use the callback URL to get notified when new bookings are created, cancelled or changed. You can use this to integrate relevant information into any system or insert it into your database for further analysis.

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Enterprise Dedicated servers

For enterprise clients that require higher load and want to make sure they have the most secure solution available, it is also possible to set up a dedicated server. A dedicated server can cater to a higher number of bookings, more API calls, unlimited numbers of users and more. This server can often be placed in the country of choice.

Key Enterprise Solution Features

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Headquarter Dashboard

Top management can view all all branches and has easy access to each system, whereas regional/local managers can only view and administer their respective system and view their KPI's with the layered dashboard. Stay on top of your business, see which branch attracts the most appointments, which providers are the most popular ones, and who gets the best reviews. Easily access each of the subsystems to make changes in setup.

Simple Cluster Management

Easily manage and pay for all your company branches or subsystem via a single interface. Monitor each branch subscription level, SMS, bookings & ticket credits from within the headquarter dashboard. Departments may have different needs in terms of features and bookings, and subscription is calculated based on those needs. It is easy to add and remove branches to and from your subscription.

Geolocator Widget

If you have multiple branches located around the city, country or worldwide, then the Geolocator widget is ideal for you. Insert a location map widget directly on your website to enable your clients to find their closest branch and book an appointment.

Access Levels & Single Sign-on (SSO)

You can create as many as 250 users per subsystem within your enterprise account. For each user, you can define the access level depending on the appropriate role they play within the company. To ensure security, you can control the login access via your MS Azure OAuth platform and then the users will only need their MS Azure login details to access the SimplyBook.me system. If the employee leaves, you can easily revoke access.

Ticketing Solution

The ticketing feature allows you to issue tickets upon booking. The client receives their ticket via email after booking an appointment. Using the Admin app or web interface, you can scan this ticket on the arrival of the client. Use the ticket trigger to notify other systems that client has arrived.


There are over 60 custom features, designed to enable you to streamline the online scheduling system to your requirements. Whether you need your clients to provide information before the appointment, accept payments upon booking or so much more, we have that covered. Discuss it with our account managers and find out which custom features would suit your needs.

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По всему миру

Для компаний с филиалами по всей стране или по всему миру, наше приложение бронирования является идеальным решением. Сервисы можно забронировать в разных странах с разными часовыми поясами на 12 языках.

Увеличивайте конверсию предоставляя клиентам возможность легко забронировать сервис прямо здесь и сейчас!

Свяжитесь с нашим экспертом, чтобы узнать, как SimplyBook.me может повысить эффективность сайта Вашего предприятия.

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Безопасность важна!

Безопасное общение и резервное копирование всех данных ежедневно

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Безопасность важна!

Безопасное общение и резервное копирование всех данных ежедневно

Такие функции, как HIPAA, SOAP, безопасный пароль и SSL послужат дополнительной защитой Ваших данных. А наш специалист по безопасности, проследит, чтобы ваш бизнес был в безопасности вместе с нами.

Функции для безопасности
  • GDPR Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SSL Secure
функции для безопасности

Быстрая и простая настройка

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    Конференц-связь, чтобы понять потребности Вашего бизнеса и показать, как SimplyBook.me может помочь сделать ваш бизнес более эффективным.

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    Процесс планирования

    Внедрить систему бронирования SimplyBook.me в Ваш бизнес для того, чтобы создать полноценное многоканальное техническое решение, убрав все препятствия для будущих клиентов.

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    Мы обеспечиваем соответствие решения Вашей корпоративной структуре.

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    Тренинг для ваших сотрудников с нашими профессиональными корпоративными специалистами чтобы убедиться, что они знакомы с системой перед стартом.

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    Система начинает работу в реальной среде.

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    Постоянная отличная поддержка как с помощью онлайн-чата, так и с помощью специализированного администратора учетной записи.


Мы уважаем конфиденциальность наших корпоративных пользователей

It is common practice for SaaS companies to boost about their enterprise clients, but unfortunately this is often without permission. SimplyBook.me has many Fortune 500 clients but we do not display their logos on our site. When you become a client of ours you can rest assured that your company's privacy is respected. So without revealing any company details we would love to tell you about a few very different clients of ours here below and how they are using the SimplyBook.me system.

User Cases

The SimplyBook.me enterprise solution can benefit enterprises of all types and sizes and you can have a dedicated server for increased security, higher performance level, and to handle a high load of API calls.

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National Health Care Service uses SimplyBook.me to schedule appointments for Covid testing and vaccinations, for their onsite and drive throughs in multiple stations in the country.

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International enterprise uses the system to offer classes for users and potential buyers to learn how to use their equipment.

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An enterprise in the Middle-East uses the enterprise solution to accept appointments for their opticians in multiple optical stores in several countries.

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A kitchen producer allows their clients to book meetings, across their global stores, to increase the service level and allow clients to experience minimal waiting time for big ticket item sales like kitchens.

Estimated Calculated Price

We base the pricing on your requirements; the number of company branches you want to manage, and the needs of each of the branches. There is a fixed Enterprise cluster management fee and then you pay for each branch as per the table below.

Цена за подсистему (филиал)
Pricing per subsystem/branch
Fixed enterprise fee
Стоимость управления предприятием

* Индивидуальная настройка может включать больше бронирований для каждого филиала, больше SMS кредитов, больше билетов или даже учитывать множество небольших филиалов с низкими потребностями по сниженной цене.

* Персональный менеджер учетной записи понимает ваши потребности, помогает с настройкой системы, всегда готов ответить на любые вопросы, которые могут возникнуть у вас, и предлагает новые соответствующие функции для вас, когда они доступны.

** Личный кабинет предприятия показывает список всех подсистем, обеспечивает легкий доступ к любой из подсистем, а также показывает поток отзывов о бронированиях, поступающих из всех подсистем.

*** Вы получаете доступ к каналу разработчиков API SimplyBook.me, где вы можете задавать сложные вопросы создателям API.

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