How does it work

How does it work

  • Start accepting online bookings today!

  • Build an online booking website for your business - or if you already have a website, add a booking widget to it

  • Manage appointments and payments automatically 24/7

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More bookings from more channels

Booking website preview

Want to accept online bookings?

Build your own online booking website with your brand and design. Every single detail is customizable with only a few clicks

Widget preview

Do you already have a website and want to add bookings?

With you can add a widget to your current website (WP, Wix, Shopify…etc), and start accepting bookings today. preview

Improve your online presence by having a profile on marketplace

Get more bookings by showing your business on the popular marketplace.

Instagram preview

Accept booking on the world’s largest social media platforms

Interact with your target audience and followers and accept bookings through your Facebook & Instagram posts.

Google map bookings preview

Make sure your business pops out when people search for nearby businesses

Add a “Book now” button on your Google Business profile or LINE official account to capture the leads.

Виджет на Вашем собственном сайте Узнать больше
Facebook и Instagram В центр знаний
Бронирования через Google Maps В центр знаний

Simplify your Booking Process

your Booking Process

Simplify your Booking Process

  • Eliminate long email trails and missed phone calls

  • Get your time back and let your clients self-book

  • Manage your business like a pro via the life business statistics!

More bookings, less cost Everything with

More bookings, less cost More bookings, less cost More bookings, less cost


Set up your services and staff availability in a few steps and start to accept online bookings


Manage all bookings and payments via mobile admin app or admin dashboard, whether on the go or on-site.


Manage your clients and the remarketing with a complete client list and available marketing tools. Get a branded client app to facilitate your clients to book repeatedly.

Three steps to building your online booking website

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01. Sign up to create your website

Create your booking website in 3 minutes

Your booking website is automatically created when you sign up.

You can accept bookings online with a few steps after setting your services.

Enjoy unlimited access for 14 days free trial

You can try the system for 14 days and see what features you need

We also provide a free plan with limitless traffic volume for clients.

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02. Design your booking website

Choose from over 20 templates of trendy responsive theme templates

You can upload a hero image and your logo for the website. Easy to adjust the color to match your brand

Upload before/after images and add as many pages as you want to portray your business in the best way

Advanced design

If you have specific needs you can adjust anything with CSS code with the help of our support staff or on your own.

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03. Set your services & availability

Add services:

Let clients know what services you provide.

You can use category features to helps clients to navigate quickly to their preferred service

Add providers:

Set up who provides each service and let clients choose their preferred provider

You can also use “Any employee” features in case clients dont have a preferred provider.

Time setting:

Set up the weekly business opening hours

Define working hours for providers if they differ from opening hours

Set up the special day if there are some unavailable times

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What you will have

  • Highlight your services

  • Package your product

  • Offer gift cards and promotions

  • Market your business

  • Take online and on-site payments

  • Sell more services and products

Business administration and management

management plan management plan management plan

Business administration and management

Manage, monitor and analyse your business performance easily using a single automation tool for your business bookings.

Collecting client data, managing marketing, and reporting revenues, workloads, and profits is simple from a personalised dashboard interface.

APP on devices

Эксклюзивное фирменное приложение

Клиентское приложение

Получите свое персонализированное фирменное приложение! Пусть Ваши клиенты загрузят приложение на свое мобильное устройство, где они смогут забронировать Ваши услуги, изменить бронирование, просмотреть историю бронирований, приобрести подарочные карты и тому подобное.

Приложение администратора

Получите доступ ко всем своим бронированиям, делайте новые бронирования, создавайте клиентов и т.д. с помощью упрощенной версии основной системы. Получайте уведомления о новых заказах и напоминания о предстоящих встречах.

This will be your new life after implementing a booking system!

Double bookings

Manual appointment admin


Answering phone calls at all hours



Clients reached

Ways to connect

Clients self-book 24/7


Popular features we recommend

For new business

  • Look busy icon

    Make me Look Busy

    Let your clients feel that your services are popular and they need to book ASAP

  • Trial icon

    Импорт клиентов

    Import your previous clients to with a few clicks

  • Trial icon

    Client Rescheduling

    Include reschedule links in notification messages

  • Trial icon


    Offer discount for first time clients

  • Trial icon

    Gallery and Instagram photos

    Portray your best work with beautiful images

  • Trial icon

    Social Media bookings

    Add Book buttons on your Facebook, Instagram and Google page

Increase attendance rate

  • Trial icon

    Accept deposits & payment

    via Stripe, PayPal or any of those payment providers

  • Trial icon

    Booking notification

    Send customised reminders to make sure the client will show up

  • Trial icon

    Client Rescheduling

    Include reschedule links in notification messages

Increase sales

  • Trial icon


    Sell products and service add-ons upon client booking

  • Trial icon


    Encourage clients to buy more by creating packages of services in a bundle

  • Trial icon

    Loyalty system

    Let your clients earn loyalty points with each purchased service

  • Trial icon

    Coupons and Gift cards

    Issue gift cards and coupons to your customers

  • Trial icon

    Book Soon

    Send automatic messages to remind people to book again

  • Trial icon

    Клиентское приложение

    Facilitate your clients to easily reschedule your services

Increase efficiency

  • Trial icon

    Admin view

    See your business stats in the dashboard to monitor your business like a pro

  • Trial icon

    Приложение для администратора

    Download the mobile admin app and manage your business on the go

  • Trial icon

    Дополнительные поля

    Ask your clients questions so that you can better prepare before the service

  • Trial icon

    Accept Paymetns & POS

    Accept onsite and online payments and track all sales via the system

  • Trial icon

    Client reports

    Access all clients information from one and the same place

We grow with you!

price plan

We grow with you!

Start on the free plan today and we grow with you as your business grows!

See Pricing Plan

Универсальное решение для сферы услуг

Спорт и Здоровье

Спорт & фитнес


“Персональные тренеры, инструкторы по йоге, и спортзалы используют нашу систему, чтобы управлять спортивным бизнесом и увеличивать число клиентов.”

Красота и здоровье

Красота и здоровье


“Идеальное решение для всех работников в сфере Красоты позволит принимать бронирования круглосуточно, продавать пакеты предложений и товары, привлекать больше клиентов.”

Образовательные услуги Образовательные услуги

Образовательные услуги


“Студенты полюбят возможность записаться на занятия онлайн, в то время как преподаватели больше не будут иметь двойных бронирований благодаря функции Синхронизации Календарей.”

Досуг и развлечения

Досуг и развлечения


“Единая система бронирования, которая подойдет для всех Ваших событий. Создавайте разовые или повторяющиеся события, принимайте групповые бронирования и онлайн-платежи.”

Индивидуальные консультации и услуги

Индивидуальные консультации и услуги


“Управляйте своими бронированиями, принимайте платежи и отправляйте автоматические напоминания - все в одной системе для бронирования и планирования.”

Медицинские услуги и Здоровье

Медицинские услуги и Здоровье


“С автоматическими напоминаниями пациенты никогда больше не забудут о записи на прием. Медицинским работникам понравятся такие функции, как 'Дополнительные поля', 'HIPAA' и отслеживание прогресса пациента.”


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