Classes, Events and Membership solution

The classes and events booking feature is simple to use and quick to set up. As is focused on flexibility, the feature is not automatically enabled for all businesses that sign up so you may need to activate it. Once activated, this feature is fit to suit almost any type of service class or event type for any kind of business.

If you have multiple classes you can use our membership solution jointly with classes which enables you to allow only members to book sessions during their subscription period. If a non-member wants to book a class that is part of membership, he is directed to buy the membership and once payment is received, he can book all classes and services within the membership subscription.

The benefits of using the classes feature are:

Present all classes you provide in a calendar
  • Show the class with an image, name and description of the class
  • Introduce the instructor with image, name and description
  • Define maximum number of attendees
  • Allow the user to book the class once or on a recurring basis
  • Limit the number of times a member can book a class during valid subscription
Book multiple people
  • Allow clients to book for their friends at one go
  • Offer them to pay for all upon booking
Perfect for events and conferences
  • Define maximum number of attendees
  • Process payments upon booking
  • Send automatic reminders to stop the no-shows
  • Book attendees without charging for it
Ask Additional Questions Accept Payments Allow Group Bookings Make Reccuring Bookings
Flexibility all the way
  • Customize the look and all text on your booking page
  • Use intake forms to ask clients questions upon booking
  • Define it as a one off event, recurring or multiple times within limited period
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