Setting teacher availability
Each teacher or advisor with its own schedule
Online scheduling system is a perfect solution for various educational establishments such as schools, colleges, universities, etc. With the help of you can easily create specific availability for each teacher and allow students or parents to book only during the available time. Once the time is booked to its full capacity, either as one-on-one meeting or a class meeting, the slot becomes unavailable to avoid double bookings.
Automatic notifications to students
Automatic notifications to students
Personal appointments with students or their parents is an essential part of educational process and will help teachers to make it simple and time-efficient. The system will send automatic reminders both to the teachers and students to inform them about timing and location of the scheduled appointment and thereby making sure that everybody will attend the right meeting at the right time. Reminders and notifications will significantly simplify the life of teachers and allow them to free up some time in their schedules.
Syncing schedule with Google calendar
Connect each teacher with their own Google calendar
Teachers often have lectures and lessons in different places, participate in scientific conferences and conduct individual tutoring. As a consequence their working schedule can be quite complex and irregular from one day to another. A good and common way to keep track of various personal and professional meetings is Google calendar. offers two way sync with Google Calendar so that if the corresponding teacher has a booking in his Google Calendar then will block that time and show it as unavailable. The same goes for the other way around, if a teacher has an appointment via that relevant time slot will also show up in Google Calendar as unavailable time.
Rescheduling and cancelling
Easy Cancelling and Rescheduling
The flexibility to reschedule appointments with students is an important feature of the booking system. The teacher can simply change the time and the student will be notified about the change via email and/or sms. A teacher or a student can also cancel a booking at any time if the respective person can not attend the meeting for a particular reason.
Stories of Our Clients
  • During the last few months, we have used to help schedule our Vohra Method group tutoring classes. Our Vohra Method programs, which provide individualized education in a group setting, require very complex scheduling. Many students come to class at the same time, but they can come for different lengths of time. For example, some students come to class for 30 minutes, others for one hour. We can only handle so many students at a time, so the system needs to be able to handle those types of restrictions. In addition, some of our clients are relatively unfamiliar with computers, so the system has to be very easy to use. has worked beautifully. It's easy for students to use, easy to set up, and gives us the options we need.

    I have already recommended it to others, because if it can handle our highly complex needs, it can probably handle pretty much anything. It has helped us simplify our billing, and our clients are able to easily use it.

    As a great side benefit, you can use various different payment processors, ranging from credit card processing through Paypal to Bitcoin.

    We reviewed several dozen payment processors before choosing was one of the few that could handle the complex demands of our business, and the only one that had the ease of use and features we wanted. I will continue to recommend it to other business owners.

    – Vohra Method
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