Simply signup and start to accept online bookings with the online scheduler, In fact within few minutes you can have your own booking website up and running, accept appointments through an online calendar on your own scheduling page. If you already have a web site, you can add a booking button to it as well as to your Facebook Fan page with the help of the scheduling software.

To sign up for the best online appointment system without any obligations:

Click on “Get Free Account”
Insert information about your company
Insert information about your main service
Insert information about your opening hours
and click on “Start Now”

After those three steps you will already have a booking website up and running which you can check out by pressing the button to see your scheduling site. You can also access your own dashboard within the admin system and enter manually all the appointments that you might already have in your calendar. You will have access to all our custom features for the first 30 days and if you are just starting your company and have fewer than 50 bookings a month you can continue to use our Free online scheduling software.

You will probably also like to add your logo, adjust the look & colors of your booking web site, add more services that you may provide, upload photos of services and different staff members and so on and so forth. In order to do that we recommend you, visit “Settings” on the left hand side in the Admin page and there you can access everything that can be adjusted within the system.

The online appointment software works great for anyone who has services on time basis, rents equipment, or has classes and events.

If you need any help at all please contact our LiveHelp and they will help you all the way.

Not only does our appointment scheduling software help you to be more organized, and service your clients better but we also do our best in inventing viral methods to get you more clients and more revenues.

If you have a day job but want to start your own business...

Now is your opportunity! is totally free, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. The administrative part is designed with simplicity in mind, and you can add more features by simply choosing relevant custom features.

We know your work time is very important, and receiving calls during client visits is bad for business. Using online booking is better than wasting your time on phone calls and makes you available 24/7.

Best of all — you both get a personal website at and the booking service can be added as an application on your Facebook fanpage.

If you run a medical company...

As a medical clinic, stomatology, consultation center, or other medical services, it is particularly important to provide your clients with detailed information about available procedures and consultations. allows you to group related services under categories (e.g. diagnostic, therapy, aesthetics, prophylaxis, etc.) You can also add price information to services.

You get a well-designed website where you can place a logo, company information, location on a Google map, information on all service personnel, contacts and opening hours, to name a few.

If you own a beauty salon...

With all the different services a beauty salon provides such as manicures, makeup, tanning, skin tightening, and massage, the best way to attract new clients is to promote your employees on your website. Using the Simplybook 'image gallery' custom feature, you can showcase images of your work and results to potential clients.

If you have employees with flexible work schedules, they will benefit from text message reminders about upcoming appointments.

If you are a repair service company...

When working with cars, electronic devices, domestic appliances, or other devices, it's always useful to know the description of the damage, car type, or device model. On, the additional booking fields custom feature allows you to add to the booking form so that clients can better inform you about the service they require.

People get in trouble day and night with their cars or devices, so it can be very convenient for your clients to be able to create a repair order without waiting for a working day to start to call your service center.

If you are servicing many clients who have to wait while their cars or devices are being repaired, they will want to be updated on the status of the repair at regular intervals. After enabling the 'Status' custom feature, you can create any status to keep track of your client's arrival, repair, and payment.

If you offer training courses of any kind...

If you are a provider of language courses, design, IT or anything else, you have the option to register both individual and group lessons by combining a certain number of participants into a training group. ensures that the appointments are handled and won't allow the group size to exceed a maximum limit. Using the reports allows you to see the current class size and reservations at any time.

Training courses are different from salon appointments since lessons are typically available on particular days and hours such as once or twice per week. The appointment scheduler is particularly suitable for these kinds of tasks as it allows you to create services with multiple appointments in one service. Your client chooses the start date and books the recurring appointments on the following pre-set available days.

If you organize cultural events...

If you organize events such as festivals, parties or tourist trips and want to include photos or videos of your events for promotional purposes, provides you with your own personal website including web hosting and website setup. Using our simple content management system, you can customize your website any way you want. For instance, you can add services with full description and photos as well as any content that will help you demonstrate your services.

If you already have you own website, the booking form can easily be added as a button-widget or an iframe.

In case, you offer your clients rent service...

When renting out cars, apartments, boats, meeting-rooms, or virtually anything else, upfront deposits or guaranteed payments may be required. fully supports the most popular electronic payment systems such as PayPal.

It is also important to show clients good photos of the cars, rooms you're renting as well as the location of the services. allows you to both show multiple photos as well as your location on an integrated Google map on your website.