Which one suits you better?

Take a look at what features each solution has to offer and pick the scheduling solution that caters to your needs. SimplyMeet.me is a super simple meeting appointment solutions while SimplyBook.me is more extensive and flexible.


Meeting Scheduling made simple

  • Super einfaches Planungstool für Meetings

  • Vereinbaren Sie Einzelgespräche

  • Einfache Stornierung & Umbuchung

  • Zusätzliche Felder

  • Round Robin Team-Meetings für Ihre Organisation

    Only available in SimplyMeet.me
  • Linktypen für private Besprechungen

    Only available in SimplyMeet.me
  • Mehrere anpassbare E-Mail-Bestätigungen und Erinnerungen pro Meeting-Typ

    Only available in SimplyMeet.me
  • Personalisierter Buchungslink oder ein Buchungs-Widget für Ihre Website

SimplyMeet.me Integrations


  • Outlook, iCloud, Google, CalDav & more calendar integrations
  • MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet & more video integrations
  • Accept payments via Stripe or other payment processors.


Includes most SimplyMeet.me features plus the following

  • Anpassbare E-Mail- und SMS-Bestätigungen und Erinnerungen

  • Mitgliedschaft anbieten & Pakete verkaufen

  • Kassensystem

  • Gutscheine und Geschenkkarten anbieten

  • Service-Add-Ons und Produkte verkaufen

  • Anpassbare Buchungswebsite oder Widget

  • Kunden- und Admin-App

  • Akzeptiere Buchungen von Facebook, Instagram & mehr

SimplyBook.me Integrations


  • Google Calendar and Outlook 2-way sync
  • MS Teams, Google Meetings & more video integrations
  • Accept payments via a range of payment processors
  • Accept bookings on Instagram, FB, Google Business & Booking.page
  • Wordpress, Joomla, Site 123 integration, and more
  • Instagram photo sharing

What to keep in mind

When choosing a scheduling solution

Who schedules meetings with you?

Are your meeting requirements internal or external, clients or staff members? The people who book meetings with you will determine what kind of scheduling system would work best.

Internal meetings might only require a simple booking page. On the other hand, external meetings with clients need a more expansive internet space and a stand-out online presence with a comprehensive website and company information.

Who schedules meetings with you?

What type of meetings do you schedule?

Are your meetings of a single type? Perhaps you only schedule 30-minute meetings via remote video call.

Alternatively, you might have many different meeting types, requiring various resources, meeting rooms and staff members, all needing careful coordination.

What type of meetings do you schedule?

Where do you want your clients to book your service?

Do you want to keep it simple and just send out meeting invitations with a booking link? And maybe also have a simple booking website or insert a booking widget to your website?

Or do you maybe need a more extensive customisable booking website, and the possibility to accept bookings from your Facebook, Instagram and Google Business profile?

Where do you want your clients to book your service?

How do you manage your bookings?

Do you manage all your bookings from your office on a desktop, and are you happy with working on your mobile browser?

Would you like to have a super efficient admin app to manage all your bookings on the go?

How do you manage your bookings?

Need some Help?

Not sure which solution would fit your business model best? Contact our support team to discuss the needs of your teams, and we’ll help you choose the right tool for the job.

  • SimplyMeet.me & SimplyBook.me offer Live Chat 24h during the working week for all users.
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