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Let's join forces and stop the coronavirus from spreading further!

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Is your company, health laboratory, clinic or pharmacy providing COVID-2019 testing?

SimplyBook.me wants to help!

  • Vollständiges System

  • Schnelle Einrichtungshilfe

  • Booking website where people can book a testing

  • Booking widget if you already have a website

  • Admin app to manage all bookings

  • Reminders to patients and medical professionals

Steps of COVID 19 testing

Looking for a great solution? It’s easy with us!


1. Booking

Client books a slot & gets a ticket


2. Arrival

Client arrives and is scanned in using a QR code

Covid Test

3. Covid Test

Print a QR code ticket to go with test tray


4. Results

Once results are in, test ticket is scanned, results registered and sent automatically to client


5. Certificate

Client receives a certificate with a QR code that can be used to verify that results are authentic


You are secure with SimplyBook.me

At SimplyBook.me we have a dedicated security team to make sure your information stays safe

  • HIPAA compliance

  • GDPR compliance

  • Uptime of over 99.9%

  • SSL

  • Data stored in many regions around the world to local privacy and security compliance.

  • ISO-27001- expected to become certified by year-end 2020.

secure with SB

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Wenn Ihre Einrichtung Covid-19-Tests durchführt, dann senden Sie uns eine E-Mail mit Ihren Kontaktdaten und Ihr persönlicher Account-Manager wird sich bei Ihnen melden.

Wenn Sie Ihren Patienten JETZT ein Test-Umfeld mit höherer Sicherheit und besserer Organisation bieten möchten, dann klicken Sie unten auf den Button und buchen Sie Ihren Termin mit unserem Account-Manager.

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