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Customize your own Medical Clinics Booking system

Design a professional and customized look for your booking website. Choose from our beautiful brand new fully responsive templates to fit your company brand. You can even choose the most convenient way for your clients to see your booking availability such as by class, time or staff.

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Jared Mandel

Since implementing, online bookings increased over 400% in the 8 months following

Джаред Мандел, COO, Mandel Dermatology, Нью Йорк

Легкі Бронювання для Вас та Ваших Клієнтів

With you get your own online booking system where patients can schedule appointments 24/7. Set working hours, break times, and holidays for all your staff members and manage it all from the online dashboard. The system sends automatic sms/email reminders to patients before the appointments which helps to reduce no-shows.This kind of appointment system is suitable for doctors, dentists, private practices, clinics, and all who want to accept bookings.

You will get a beautiful booking website which you can customize to your clinic. If you already have a website, then you can choose to use our scheduling software widget.

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  • Easy to Use Easy overview and management in a mobile responsive admin interface where you can see all upcoming and incoming bookings and change any settings you need.
  • Your own booking website Get your own branded, mobile optimized booking website or integrate with your current website and even Facebook
  • Accept Bookings 24/7 Allow your clients to book your services online when it suits them. Let the system automatically send confirmation emails/sms upon booking and reminder emails/sms before the appointment both to the client and the service provider.
  • Employee Management Any employee can have a different login access to see their upcoming bookings and where they can change their working hours if needed.
  • Accept Payments online or onsite with POS Allow your patients to pay online upon booking or accept credit card or cash onsite through the POS custom feature.
  • Collect Reviews Collect reviews from happy clients and portray on your website as a social proof.

Чому система онлайн-бронювання для медичних клінік чудово підійде для вас

By using our booking system for medical clinics, you can offer your clients the flexibility to schedule appointments whenever and wherever is convenient for them. At the same time, you reduce missed appointments and save time on the phone so you can truly focus on your patients.

The appointment system comes as a basic system with over 60 custom features which you can hand-pick according to your needs. We are proud to offer a range of features specifically tailored for medical clinics:

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    Stands for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan. Insert time-stamped text records within each of the four fields which remain attached to the client’s data record. With our SOAP custom feature you can easily keep track of your customers progress.

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    Логін клієнта

    Efficient calendar view where you can see all upcoming bookings and filter by day, client, service or hair stylist. You can add notes to each booking as well as a status, so that you can quickly see whether the client has arrived, being served or if he has paid and left.

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    Book Next Available Provider

    By using this feature you can allow your clients to book next available time slot with the next available provider.

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    Intake Forms

    Use the intake forms to request any kind of medical information from your patients upon booking

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    Сихронізація календарів

    Our appointment software for medical clinics syncs 2-way with your staff’s Google/Outlook calendar.

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    Додаткові функції HIPAA’s scheduling software for medical clinics is HIPAA compliant, which helps you to protect your patient’s data

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    Come Back Soon reminders

    Відправляйте автоматичні нагадування пацієнтам щодо майбутнього візиту

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    Online and Onsite Payments

    Accept paymentsonline upon booking or onsite’s POS

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    Product or service add-ons

    Sell extra service or product upon booking and accept payment at the same time.

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    Ми готові допомогти

    Outstanding in-system Live Chat help and extensive help center to help you get started.

Ось, що думають Наші Клієнти про

Jared Mandel

COO, Mandel Dermatology. New York’s premiere medical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology practice.

Jared Mandel

“The fact that was HIPAA compliant—which is an absolute must-have as a medical practice—as well as reasonably priced, easy to use, infinitely customizable, had a feature for seemingly every need, and was easy to integrate into our website was what sold us on,” states Jared. Read more Show less

Kathleen Birch

Inspirational holistic skincare therapist, Chiswick, West London

Kathleen Birch

I love the system a lot and so do my clients! Some of my clients have told me that they always remember to book a treatment with me after opening hours, in the evening. So they love the fact that they can do it right then and there.
The biggest benefit for me is that it saves a lot of time; about 80% of my customers come through the system now, exceptions being some really non-tech-savvy old customers. The second biggest benefit is that the automatic email and SMS notifications have limited my no-shows to virtually nothing.” Read more Show less

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