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Why should I add my business to Google My Business?

When people need to find a hair salon, yoga studio or in fact any given service business, they go straight to Google and do a search. Recently, Google started suggesting the term “near me” while people are still typing. This means that if someone types “Hairdresser”, Google will suggest to auto complete with “Hairdresser near me”. More and more people now use this to find businesses in their vicinity. When people search using this term, Google now shows a map of local businesses on top of the search page before any other organic search results. This means directories and marketplaces will be shown under the map display.

This is your chance to easily appear on top in search results, by being present on Google map and with complete business information. This is something that was almost impossible to aim for in recent years but is now possible. So if you want to get more bookings and increase your sales, you want to make sure that your business is visible on that map, and include a link directly to your booking website where people can book your services directly day and night!

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How do I add my business to Google My Business?

The only thing that you need to do is to add your location (or locations if you have many) and then verify the information you want to have present on your Google Business Profile. Information like company name, opening hours, booking website URL and phone number will be automatically added from the system. You can then also choose to upload images and add information like what kind of service you offer etc. to make your business profile look even more appealing

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