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for Consultants, Embassies, Local Councils, Legal Offices and Financial Services

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Reclaim time, streamline practiсes, and simplify the business

We know that your business week is hectic and busy enough without also having the pain of scheduling meetings, interviews and bookings with the back and forth emails and phone calls. Does it sometimes feel like constant chaos?

Why is officials and professional services scheduling software is an ideal fit for your needs

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    Інструменти Маркетингу

    Attract and welcome new clients online. Promote your online scheduling to reduce staffing hours and unnecessary back and forth. The more clients that book online, the more time and money you save. “ made it super easy for our patients to book appointments, and it is even easier for us to manage our bookings in an efficient manner,” - states Jared.

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    Високий рівень безпеки веб-сайту з бронювання

    Industry standard encryption keeps your booking site secure. Additional security measures like 2-factor authentication, password complexity levels, and more mean that you can add extra levels of protection from outside interference.

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    Multiple User Access Levels

    Let the people who need your services find you through numerous different channels: social media access on Facebook & Instagram, search access via Google, marketplace access on, directly on your booking site, or with the help of an embedded widget on your business website.

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    Multi-channel Access

    Let the people who need your services find you you through numerous different channels. Social media access through Facebook & Instagram, search access through Google, Marketplace access through, Directly through your booking site, or through an embedded widget on your business website.

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    Численні локації

    Multiple locations can call for different services, staff, rooms and contact details. Ensure that you can organise your services and schedules across multiple sites.

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    Точка продажу та онлайн платежі

    Keep track of all appointments, payments and deposits with a POS system that links with your booking system. Accept payments and let the system keep track of all your payments, both online and on-site.

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  • Керуйте клієнтами

    Manage client lists, monitor booking and cancellation history, send notifications and reminders of upcoming bookings.

  • Керуйте бізнесом

    Keep abreast of your business performance via the admin app. Monitor bookings, sales, provider workloads, and much more through your dashboard and reports.

  • Керуйте відгуками

    Make automatic review requests through automated mail after a booking. Post reviews on your website for social proof, and use your published reviews in your marketing strategy.

  • Ми готові допомогти

    Наша команда підтримки в чаті доступна цілодобово по буднях. Крім того, Ви можете отримати доступ до нашого Центру Знань з письмовими інструкціями або відеоінструкцій для всіх функцій нашої системи.

  • Ми готові допомогти

    Наша команда підтримки в чаті доступна цілодобово по буднях. Крім того, Ви можете отримати доступ до нашого Центру Знань з письмовими інструкціями або відеоінструкцій для всіх функцій нашої системи.

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  • Zapier
  • Google AdWords
  • Skrill
  • WordPress
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  • GOCoin

Why can offer the perfect solution for businesses providing professional services

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    14-денний пробний період

    Спробуйте більшість наших преміумних послуг, доки вирішуєте, що саме потрібно вашому веб-сайту.

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    Amazing Live Chat Support

    Ready to help with a click.

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    Мобільний додаток

    Професійно налаштовуйте ваш бізнес через мобільний додаток.

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    Free assistance - get set up help if you need it.

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    NO commission

    Every penny your clients pay you is yours.

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    Join the tens of thousands of happy clients we have already helped.

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Over 10 languages available

And the ability to make customised changes to the language.

Rave reviews

Over 500 glowing references.

Strong SEO

Is key in bringing you and your clients together online.

Website or widget

Get a booking website or a widgets for your existing website.

Зупиніть хаос!

Спростіть навантаження!

Stop missing calls and responding to emails to make appointments

Allow letting clients to see your real-time availability and book online whenever it suits them; day or night, and from any device

Stop the jumbled mess of dealing with physical appointment books, double bookings and multiple calendars

Start accepting payments and deposits online and on-site with a linked POS systemthrough rewards and coupons.

Stop the interruptions because of answering calls

Start sending auitomated booking confirmations and appointment reminders to your clients to reduce no-shows.

Stop lost time and revenue from cancellations and no shows

Start managing your business like a pro! Monitor staff, services, and locations. Advertise your availability through directories and social media, and encourage customers to book online.

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