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Welcome to's Partner Program, designed exclusively for business consultants committed to enhancing their clients' digital presence and overall business operations. Explore the potential of a comprehensive booking solution tailored to your needs and those of your clients.

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Why Partners should team up with

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Why Partners should team up with

Leverage the power of to elevate your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), fortify client relationships, and minimize churn.

Provide your clients with exceptional customer experiences, helping them to flourish and sell more.

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Expand your offerings

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Expand your offerings

What can you offer your clients?

Empower your clients with a versatile scheduling solution, secure payment options, client management tools, and robust marketing capabilities, all customizable to meet their unique needs.

Tailored Solutions for Every Client

Do you need something tailored to your clients?

Connect your clients with their preferred tools seamlessly, thanks to our extensive API integrations, call back functionality, native connections with major platforms, and compatibility with Zapier.

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Flexible Pricing for Every Need

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Flexible Pricing for Every Need

How much to charge your clients?

Choose the perfect plan for your clients based on their size, booking volume, and required features, with the flexibility to adjust as their needs evolve. Depending on how many clients you refer, we will work out a fair revenue sharing program.

Join and Earn with Our Affiliate Program

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Join and Earn with Our Affiliate Program

Grow Your Revenue

Sign up as an affiliate partner and earn from 25% from the first subscription payment of each new user, plus a minimum 15% of subsequent payments for up to 24 months or even longer.

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Support at Every Step

Our Super Heroes – Our Live Chat Support 24h during the working week

Our 24/7 Live Chat support ensures you have the assistance you need, whenever you need it, facilitating a smooth setup process for your clients.

Start Your Journey Today

Embark on a Partnership that Pays Off

Join the Partner Program and unlock a world of opportunities to enhance your services, increase your earnings, and strengthen your client relationships.

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How does partnering with enhance my organization?

Partnering with enriches your SMB offerings by integrating comprehensive business management solutions including CRM, payment processing, scheduling, marketing, and client communication. This integration fosters enhanced client engagement and loyalty, reduces churn, and boosts ARPA through upselling and product monetization opportunities.


Can I integrate with my existing services?

Yes,’s open platform design facilitates seamless integration of your existing apps and services, ensuring a unified user experience. Our developer hub provides extensive documentation and APIs for custom solutions, and we offer Zapier integration for additional connectivity with your preferred online tools.


Is suitable for different types of SMBs?

Absolutely, is versatile, catering to a diverse range of SMBs and use cases. Our platform is particularly beneficial for service-oriented and appointment-based businesses, with customization options available to tailor features according to specific professions and workflows.


What kind of support and training does offer?

We provide around-the-clock live chat support during the workweek, backed by a knowledgeable and swift-responding team. Our dedicated partner team is also on standby, ready to assist you through every phase of onboarding and beyond, ensuring you have the support you need to succeed.


How many languages is the platform available in? is currently available in 10 different languages.