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Compare´s features with other booking systems on the market

We know it's difficult to compare booking systems as there are many on the market with a vast range of features. Here we try to do the work for you, based on the most popular features on the market and the most prominent scheduling systems

Take a look just a fraction of our feature offering compared to other scheduling softwares on the market

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  • Customisable booking website
  • Booking widget / mini one page website
  • Получение платежей
  • Online upfront payments
  • Депозиты
  • Приложение для администратора
  • Own Branded Client App
  • Дополнительные поля
  • Подарочные карты
  • Waiting List
  • Instagram & Facebook Bookings
  • Абонемент
  • Классы
  • Пакеты
  • Emails
  • Адрес работы сотрудника
  • Make me look busy This option lets you set a percentage by which to reduce the number of available appointments.
  • Charge Commission for First Clients
  • Live Chat 24h


    Yes, 10-15 sec. response time

  • Booksy


    Эл. почта

  • Fresha


    Эл. почта

  • Setmore


    Email & phone during working hours

  • Appointy



  • Timely


    Эл. почта

How to choose an online booking system?

It does differ between companies what they consider as the most important elements of an efficient booking system. From our experience we see that businesses want a scheduling software that offers:

  • Easy setup

  • Beautiful booking website, easy to customise to your brand

  • Efficient management on the go, with a user friendly admin app

  • Smooth client booking

  • Online and onsite payments

  • Great Support, preferably Live chat to talk to 24h

  • That YOU own your client relationship

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Price comparison

Companies base their pricing structure differently so in order to compare prices we assume a small service business with 4 employees paying on a monthly recurring basis

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  • Timely
  • Appointy
  • Booksy
  • Setmore
  • Forever Free






  • Plan 1





  • Plan 2





  • Plan 3




Rich Features for a Comprehensive Scheduling Solution

Our advanced booking system is packed with a range of features which you can tailor to your needs. With features that fit your business you can maximize your sales per client as well as enhancing customer loyalty. Over 60 features are waiting for you. You pick. You choose.

60 features for your business
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APP on devices

Stay Connected with Our Apps

Stay connected and manage your bookings on the go with our admin app. Meanwhile, your customers can easily book your services with our user-friendly branded client app. It's the perfect solution for businesses looking to provide a seamless booking experience.

Seamless Integrations for Maximum Efficiency

Integrate your favorite tools with

Our scheduling software is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of popular tools & platforms. From marketing and sales tools to social media platforms and payment gateways, connects with the services your business relies on, making your operations smoother and more efficient.

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support team
Онлайн поддержка

Our Super Heroes - Live Chat Support

Our Live Chat is available 24h during the working week with 10 seconds average response time!

P.S. On Weekends they spend time with their families but respond to emails 2 times a day

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Read how has helped service businesses all around the world to manage their business

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Robert T.

Апрель 2019

" is the ONLY booking engine which had the capability to integrate 'same-day, book & play' online booking with our in-house walk-ins ticketing system. Notonly does it work, but it's a near-perfect fit! I had done extensive research & tried them all... is in a class of its own. Surprisingly, customer support is also truly world-class! Nothing is perfect, but honestly: comes close. It's the best of the best.”

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