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Promotion System

Our Promotion System is specifically designed to help you to fill your appointment calendar at all times...and especially the low ones. The Promotion system will not only let you create deals to offer to your clients but it also has the ability reward them for introducing new clients. If a client forwards your promotion to his friends who then book your services. That´s a clear win-win-win scenario whereby your existing client gets a reward for promoting your business to his friends, the friends get to book your services at a discounted price and you get more new clients! Can it get any better!

Offer your clients a promotion

Offer your clients a promotion!

You can also use the promotion system to make a simple promotion. Simply define how much discount you want to offer your clients and at what times during the week and for how long. You can even define if this offer is limited in numbers! So, for example, you can offer a 25% discount on Monday and Tuesday mornings, if your schedule is usually less booked during those mornings. You can also decide only to send promotions to clients who haven't booked in the last 3 months or more, thereby trying to regain old clientele who haven't booked for a while. Check out our promotion system and find out how it can benefit your business!

Reward Your Clients For Promoting You

Promotions are great to get more business but it can be expensive to let others know about that you have a promotion. Think how much you need to pay guys like Groupon for advertising your promotion, or how much you would need to buy in Facebook ads. That’s where rewarding your old clientele for telling others about you comes in! Simply create a promotion and send it to your existing clients. Ask them to forward the deal to their friends and define a reward in return for the favor. You could for example offer your existing clients a hand cream, some shampoo, extra time in massage or 20% discount of your services if at least 3 of his/her friends book an appointment through the link that they will receive. How simple is that! You get new clients, your old clients get a reward and the new clients can book your services at a great price! Business life can’t get better than that :)

Reward Your Clients For Promoting You
Happy New Clients

Happy New Clients

Think about it … who better to sell your services than your existing clients that already know you and use your service themselves! It has been proven time and time again that referral sales are by far the best ones. People are open towards new things as long as the referral comes from a friend they know and trust….and those are the friends who happen to be your clients! With the rewards, that you define yourself, you will have an salesforce working for you. Your clients will now more than ever become your own active sales ambassadors. With the SimplyBook.me Rewards and Referrals Social Promotion System, the promotions you create might have tens or even hundreds of salespeople promoting your deals when you launch them. How cool is that!

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