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Maximize your potential revenues of every client by selling them quality products upon booking and offer them the best service available.

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Product Sales

Do you want to sell service related products during your client booking process? allows you to promote and sell your products, related to the service that the client is booking, during the booking process. This can increase your overall sales, simplify your check-out and allow you to concentrate on servicing the client instead of product sales. It is not only easier for you to promote products this way but it also makes the service way more enjoyable when the payments are already out of the way!

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With you can allow your clients to choose some add-ons to the service upon booking. This could be like allowing them to add that special relaxing oil to the massage, that new gel for the hair, the extended more expensive tan-spray that lasts 2 times longer, or use only bio products during the make-up. This feature can give you the chance to increase sales 10-20% without increasing any prices, because you still offer the good old service at the same price, but then have interesting add-ons which the client can choose from if he desires. Use your imagination to think of new add-ons that increase your sales and profits.

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