Personalize your Booking Website with Fun Photos offers you to easily personalize your Booking Website with your own photos through a Photo Gallery that you upload to your site or by simply sharing your Instagram photos on your Booking Website. We all know that people love to look at photos….give them what they love and personalize your business with photos!

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Organize your own gallery

With the Photo Gallery custom feature you can upload images to your own Booking Website at Use it to upload images of your business, services or some fun things that show off your business at it’s best. This is a great way to promote your own identity and make your booking website in line with your branding.

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Share your Instagram Photos on your Booking Website

Enable the Instagram photo sharing feature and publish your Instagram photos automatically on the Booking WebSite to make it more alive and fun for your visitors. Take before and after photos of clients with your Instagram app and show the results on your Booking Website.

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