Conformità alle norme HIPAA
HIPAA protection is HIPAA compliant which means that any certified medical institutions can easily use our online scheduling software because it is secure and protects patients' data with all means available. The HIPAA custom feature enforces advanced security options such as double authentication via sms, user's automatic logout, secure connection, etc.
Easy scheduling of patients
Patients can schedule themselves when it suits them and YOU!
With your receptionist can save a lot of time on the phone because the system will do everything for you. Simply set your availability and allow clients to book the appointments themselves through their desktops or mobile devices 24/7. We offer flexible and adjustable settings that will allow you to easily adjust open/close times, set break times and days off. This suits doctors, dentists, private practices, clinics and all those who want to accept bookings, and don't necessarily want to tell their clients to go to a common doctors directory to make bookings.
Request additional information from patients
Intake forms and Progress tracking
If you need to ask your clients for further information, it is very easy to do so with the 'Intake forms' custom feature. You can create a variety of fields to collect more data from your clients and be prepared for the appointment. Any information can be requested, for example, age, allergic reactions, previous illnesses, symptoms, etc. On top of that you can enable our SOAP custom features which allows you to insert a series of time stamped text records with 4 text fields that part of the history of each patient. SOAP stands for subjective, objective, assessment and plan and helps you to keep track of your customers progress throughout the lifespan of your service.
Customizable notifications
Customizable reminders for doctors and patients
In order to keep in touch with your patients, you can send them a variety of notifications when they make a booking, cancel it or when you change some details. The system will also send them automatic reminders before the service appointment which should reduce 'no-shows' considerably. Please note that you can easily customize the notification texts according to your preferences under account settings.
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Sto usando da oltre quattro anni e non sarei più in grado di gestire la mia attività senza questo prezioso strumento. Dalla versatilità dei plug-in, alla facilità di utilizzo, alla perfetta integrazione con Wordpress, all'elevata soddisfazione del cliente dovuta a conferme e promemoria (sia tramite e-mail che SMS), alla gestione, backup e supporto del team di Non sarei dove sono oggi senza questa parte integrante della mia attività di massaggio. Io e tutto il mio team utilizziamo la sezione "commenti" per conservare le note relative ai trattamenti effettuati ai nostri clienti durante ogni sessione. Mi piace sapere che esiste questa sezione e che possiamo visualizzare e scaricare le intere storie dei nostri clienti. Grazie a SimplyBook per questo strumento così efficace ed eccezionale.


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