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Apparel & Fashion

CEO, Juliette P.

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Mental Health Care

Counselor, Vanessa P.

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Health, Wellness and Fitness

Founder & CEO, Beryl K.

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User feedback

Kate Saffin

I use it to book appointments for an occasional pop up hair salon - about every six weeks, and it works well. I like getting an email to tell me when someone books and that I can print off a list for the stylist

User feedback

Kerrilee Beetham

I like it so far, clients are happy with it. I would recommend to others.

User feedback

Arzu Bernardini

Its a graet programm! Yes i would cecimmend to others!

User feedback

Jason Dominski

Simple to use, and effective if you actually use it.

User feedback

Secure Travel and Tours

It has made us productive and we would recommend it to others.

User feedback

Releasing The Past

My free trial with SimplyBook has been great, so I will be continuing as a customer. Relatively easy first time set up with quick and competent tech support when I needed it. All the features I have needed have been available, and the price is very reasonable. I have tried out at least 3 of these products and looked at others. This is the best professional scheduling calendar I'm aware of at a good price.

User feedback

Pragmatic EA Ltd

trial too short

User feedback


Overall experience excellent

User feedback

DJ Copycat

It's increased the possibilty of people visiting my site and booking through it.

User feedback

Created Balance / Travis Compton

Still integrating it with my website and working on getting clients to use it. They still want to call or email me when making appointments. I will see how the next three months go.

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