Enterprise appointment booking solution

SimplyBook.me offers a specific enterprise solution of the SimplyBook appointment booking system. We offer a robust, feature rich, online appointment booking software which can be embed into the company's current web site. This will allow the clients to book appointments according to their schedule, they will receive email/sms reminders, they can choose their preferred location and consultant, and they can even pay for the service upon booking if required.

The enterprise then gets access to our enterprise management control board. In the management control board, the headquarters can access all the subsystems (offices/agencies), they can monitor how many appointments each office is providing, which consultants are the most popular ones, which service receives the most bookings and see trends in bookings and cancellations.

Additionally, they gain overview of all feedbacks given by clients related to the meetings they had with consultants. It is vital for enterprises to maintain good overview of what is happening in each office, and that is where SimplyBook.me comes in.

SimplyBook.me offers enterprises and large businesses two different types of platforms depending on whether the solution is going to be implemented only locally, in one country (or state) or internationally which takes account for different countries where each can have hundreds of subsidaries under it's control. To ease your life further SimplyBook.me already offers the system in 11 languages and you can allow the user to select which language he prefers on top of allowing each office to set up their own language for their administrational site.

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Many new payment processors added

SimplyBook.me has now added many new payment processors for users to select from or in total a whooping 14 payment processors and more coming.

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Free, beginner or maybe just go for platinum?

For many the free subscription is plenty but if you want to boost your business, it may be feasible to look at higher subscriptions packages and thereby get access to more custom features that will help you to do so.

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Easily accept bookings for your classes – 2 minutes tutorial

You can easily accept bookings for Classes and Events in the SimplyBook.me scheduling software! We have put together a video that shows in few minutes how a class is created and displayed immediately on the user’s booking page.

There are many advantages of implementing the SimplyBook.me appointment scheduling software:
  • A robust, proven online appointment booking solution in 11 languages.
  • Offering your clients direct and immediate “Call to Action” on your site.
  • The possibility of keeping data stored on servers within the company´s country, fulfilling laws imposed by many countries.
  • Different layers of access in terms of overview management dashboard. A country or region may have access to all offices within their region but should not have access to those of other regions.
  • The HQ, or central technical department have access to all countries and regions, and the businesses within their region.
  • Important KPIs provided on all levels regarding the service offerings where reports can be produced on regional levels, or on HQ level with overview of all offices.
  • The solution can be fully white labelled towards both employees and clients of the enterprise and all communication will be branded by the enterprise such as all emails and SMS.
SimplyBook.me Enterprise Appointment Booking Software suits:
  • Retail banking and enterprise banking offering appointments with consultants
  • Insurance companies, pension advisors and brokers that accept appointment bookings
  • HIPAA compliant healthcare, hospitals and clinics
  • Schools which need booking scheduling software for parents’ meetings
  • Appointment bookings for university counsellors and advisors
  • Gyms and sport centrals that accept bookings and appointments for classes, trainings and seminars
  • Any kind of service based business that wants to offer appointment software to increase the service level
  • Telecom companies that want to increase their service level
SimplyBook.me is experienced in implementing fully white labelled appointment solutions with several levels and can offer this service at a reasonable price for smaller and larger enterprises.If you are interested in our enterprise solution, please send an email to: enterprise@simplybook.me