Advanced security
Top Security
Various official institutions require reputable online scheduling system that can help them to cope with the daily workload. is a highly secure booking software that protects client data with all means possible. Client information is kept private and no one except for the owner of the account can access and use it.
Significant workload of clients copes with a significant workload of clients
A great number of administrational and official institutions accept appointments of hundreds of clients every hour. It is extremely important to have a booking system that can easily cope with such a flow of clients without any difficulties. is an advanced online calendar, which serves city councils, governmental agencies, embassies, huge call-centers and so many other institutions all over the world.
Multiple users can access the system
Multiple users with different access rights
Most administrational and official services are very busy during the day and it is vital for them to organize their work properly and divide the responsibilities among the employees. enables their clients to create different users within the system, each with a specific role. For example you can define an administrator of the account, who has full access to all functionalities; senior employee, who can supervise the junior ones; junior employee, who can see and manage only own schedule and then a viewer, who can only see the bookings but can not change them. A lot of's clients use this functionality as it can be very helpful in many instances.
Link removal
Link removal offers Link removal for big businesses who need to brand their booking website as their own. Such clients can request custom domain and present their online calendar without copyright. The staff will still see but clients will only see the company or institutional name.
Stories of Our Clients
  • Our IT Studies program had a problem in booking in students for a counseling session prior to enrollment. Administration staff became bogged down in a manual booking system for several weeks. The problem became compounded when we amalgamated our administration function for multiple campuses into a centralized model.

    While not designed for what we needed, we were easily able to use the features of simplybookme to automate the process. It was a 'no-brainer' for the cost and features that were offered to building it ourselves.

    It has relieved our administration of most of the burden of allocating appointments to students. The ability to sms students a confirmation and to notify, and be notified, when a change takes place. It also provides us with the data that we can use to track our offers to counseling to enrollment.

    The support we have received from simplybookme has been exceptional.

    Since being taken on by ITStudies the other teams in the faculty, Business Services, Justice, Policing, Property Management etc.. have all implemented it as well.

    – TAFESA is South Australia's leading Vocational Trainers
Why is the best
    • Trial month includes all functions of the system completely for free.
    • Upgrade to paid only when you have more clients
    • No credit card details are required during registration
    • Free booking widgets for your website
    • We take NO commissions when your clients pay you
    • Join tens of thousands successful companies who have signed up
    • Free phone and chat support
    • European and North American servers for fast operations
    • Strong SEO for your booking website
    • Over 19 languages available and you can add your own
    • Join our social networks and bring your own ideas
    • Free assistance with setup