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'Our goal is to provide a great service and become a reliable partner in your business and contribute to your future success!'

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Try our Free and Easy Online Reservation Tool!

Booking system for dentists, medical services, hair & beauty salons, repair services, event planners, rental agencies, educational services, government agencies, school counsellors and more ...

Why Use Our Online Scheduling Software?

Save your time with

  • Within a minute, you can start your own booking-service
  • Save money on receptionists and no-shows from clients
  • Select from various and user-friendly templates
  • Simple and easy user interface — for both you and your clients

..and get a really good and flexible booking system

  • Your own unique scheduling webpage — also free
  • SMS (text message) and email notifications to raise your service level
  • Get verified feedback from your clients to use on your page
  • Go viral and let your clients recommend you to their friends
  • Select a language for your client interface or translate it in just 30 minutes
  • A large selection of plug-ins to expand your system..

Recent developments:

— "We never stop innovating for you"

Check out what our customers are saying!

  • Hopefully this email will be read by a human and if it's not - oh well. I decided to give this booking system a shot by adding it to my website (via Wix). After I completed the short registration, I was confronted with that little notification you guys have…

    "You have chosen to install the best booking system in the world and evidently it takes few seconds to create such a system. This can take up to 30 seconds so just take a sip of your coffee and use the time to think how this can benefit your business."

    I laughed at the first sentence but really appreciated such a bold statement. The second sentence: I'm not drinking a coffee and have already thought about the benefits this would add. Instead, I simply crossed my fingers and waiting for 30 seconds (more like 6 seconds) like I usually do with these "booking" apps. Why did you cross your fingers?

    Just read my rant here, ok.

    I've tried other booking applications/programs and have been very disappointed, to say the least. They might as well offer the premium package only because the "Free" versions are less than useless. I understand the strategy - limit the consumer, forcing them to bit the bullet and sign up for the "Premium" (overpriced) package. I'm a young entrepreneur with limited funds and there are millions trying to do the same - follow their dreams. It's tough to live those dreams when you can't book more than 3 appointments and grow some sort of online-clientele.

    I crossed my fingers and hoped that this application would actually deliver, as I normally do. And, deliver, it did. I felt like I had won the lottery when I started poking around on the online-configurations and what not. I must have yelled "Finally!" about 30 times (coupled with a few swears here and there) - so loud that my ears popped.

    I just wanted to write this email and say thank you. I haven't even looked at the price of the upgraded package you offer, but I would probably pay for it anyway just based on what is offered in the free version. It wouldn't be a pity-purchase either. Finally, a solid booking app that is well-planned and engineered correctly. This is truly the best booking system I've used.

    Thank you for reading and sorry for the novel. No need to respond - just continue making apps.

    Best Regards,

    — Ezekiel J. Costello, MGK Pool Service
    Owner/Founder Mint Your Car LLC
  • I have tried many other booking services and there is no one like yours. I just want to say thank you for developing such an amazing service, Simlybookme is all I need to manage my bookings, co-workers, coupon codes, has everything, it's just perfect! I'm happy I found you! — Efren Gonzalez,
    1.2.3. Spanish Tutor
  • I would just like to thank you guys for this service. It is amazing! The perfect solution for my business. I have been trying to find a more efficient way to make bookings and keep track of them, and Simply Book is exactly what I needed.
    Thanks for the awesome, — Jesse Reynolds,
    Total health and wellness
  • First off, I want to thank you for putting out such an excellent, feature rich product at such an affordable price. The online booking module is easy to use, looks great, and is very user friendly for my patients. For someone just starting out, I am so grateful to be able to use the full featured free version of When my business warrants it, I will most certainly be upgrading to paid service. — Dr. Jared Gerston, Restore Chiropractic
  • Thanks
    Since I have started using your service I have increased my customer retention by 10%, and I am converting 16% more traffic from my website. I recommend your services to all my friends with small businesses. Mike, MGK Pool Service
  • We have allowed thousands of visitors to make appointments online and by phone. This method has revolutionized our work and greatly improved our service to customers. In the first year of operation I can confidently say that we doubled our sales by better filling empty slots! I look forward to using the booking system for the years to come and we wouldn't do it any other way now. — Rúnar Grétarsson, Ceo of Vaka
  • Our masters have a lot of reservations every day, and using released their time from taking phone calls. In only a short time since we started using the system, over 80% of the clients are doing reservations through the online appointment system. We also have a Facebook fan-page, and the possibility to add booking functionality there in only a few minutes was very convenient for us and our clients. — Magneasif, co-owner CircusCircus hairsalon
  • Whilst there are many online booking systems around, my colleague and I have found that SimplyBook solution for our service is the most flexible for what we needed. We were able to set up our diary to suit the times we work and the different lesson lengths we do. The system has flexibility to suit pretty much all businesses.
    Our clients love too. They receive a confirmation text of their booking within seconds and you can set when they receive a reminder text. We have had zero 'No Shows' since switching to Simplybook.
    The customer service has been excellent, if we have a query or suggest a way to improve the system further, the response has always been swift & positive. — Keith Bond, PGA Golf Professional
  • I am a photographer — welcome to visit my personal page!
    I help girls create model albums for model agencies and I appreciate punctuality to our meetings. However the girls often forget about the appointed photo-sessions which is really annoying and results in lost revenue!
    Since I started using, the girls get SMS reminders before our appointments, and fortunately, that helps a lot! — Mike, photographer
  • First, I wanted to say that your appointment is fantastic. We support a non-profit child care service and have just started using to allow our parents to schedule for appointments to see our social workers and could not be happier with the program. We are also very happy with the amount of parents that have begun using this service... in fact, in our first 3 days of using we have already exceeded our Free booking limit. — Ben,
  • I appreciate the efforts your company has made in creating a user friendly system that channels all communication into one convenient place. Very organized. Thumbs up! — Michael,
  • Ummmmmm - wow! As in mind officially blown, where has this system been all my life, karma loves me today - WOW! I'm only 5 minutes into the set up and it's already waaaay easier to use and offers more features than a system I was previously paying /month for. Seriously? This is free? You've renewed my faith in the internet. I may sound dramatic but after the years of struggling with online booking systems I feel like I've found THE ONE. Thank you doesn't seem enough... but THANK YOU! Heartbeats Fitness

Our goal is to increase your revenues!

  • Not only does our software help you to be more organized, and service you clients better but we also do our best in inventing viral methods to get you more clients and more revenues. For this reason we both implement an automatic appointment share on Facebook and ask your clients for a recommendation that they are asked to share to their friends. You can then select the reviews you like to display on your webpage. Let our software help you to get more client, more revenues and happier clients.

  • How will it work for your company?

    We start by assigning you an unique url in the format: This will be your website link at the website. If you do not have your own website, this will be your main gateway to the world. —You can advertise this link or simply give your clients the link when they visit you so they can reserve your services at times when you are available and that are convenient for them.

    If you already have your own website, — simply place a "Book now" button somewhere in plain sight on your front page. When visitors click the button, they will see the Simplybook form, where they can reserve your company's services. If you need help, please contact

  • If you have a day job but want to start your own business...

    Now is your opportunity! is totally free, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. The administrative part is designed with simplicity in mind, and you can add more features by simply choosing relevant plug-ins.

    We know your work time is very important, and receiving calls during client visits is bad for business. Using online booking is better than wasting your time on phone calls and makes you available 24/7.

    Best of all — you both get a personal webpage at and the booking service can be added as an application on your Facebook fanpage.

  • If you run a medical company...

    As a medical clinic, stomatology, consultation center, or other medical services, it is particularly important to provide your clients with detailed information about available procedures and consultations. allows you to group related services under categories (e.g. diagnostic, therapy, aesthetics, prophylaxis, etc.) You can also add price information to services.

    You get a well-designed website where you can place a logo, company information, location on a Google map, information on all service personnel, contacts and opening hours, to name a few.

  • If you own a beauty salon...

    With all the different services a beauty salon provides such as manicures, makeup, tanning, skin tightening, and massage, the best way to attract new clients is to promote your employees on your website. Using the Simplybook 'image gallery' plug-in, you can showcase images of your work and results to potential clients.

    If you have employees with flexible work schedules, they will benefit from text message reminders about upcoming appointments.

  • If you are a repair service company...

    When working with cars, electronic devices, domestic appliances, or other devices, it's always useful to know the description of the damage, car type, or device model. On, the additional booking fields plug-in allows you to add to the booking form so that clients can better inform you about the service they require.

    People get in trouble day and night with their cars or devices, so it can be very convenient for your clients to be able to create a repair order without waiting for a working day to start to call your service center.

    If you are servicing many clients who have to wait while their cars or devices are being repaired, they will want to be updated on the status of the repair at regular intervals. After enabling the 'Status' plug-in, you can create any status to keep track of your client's arrival, repair, and payment.

  • If you offer training courses of any kind...

    If you are a provider of language courses, design, IT or anything else, you have the option to register both individual and group lessons by combining a certain number of participants into a training group. ensures that the appointments are handled and won't allow the group size to exceed a maximum limit. Using the reports allows you to see the current class size and reservations at any time.

    Training courses are different from salon appointments since lessons are typically available on particular days and hours such as once or twice per week. The appointment scheduler is particularly suitable for these kinds of tasks as it allows you to create services with multiple appointments in one service. Your client chooses the start date and books the recurring appointments on the following pre-set available days.

  • If you organize cultural events...

    If you organize events such as festivals, parties or tourist trips and want to include photos or videos of your events for promotional purposes, provides you with your own personal webpage including web hosting and website setup. Using our simple content management system, you can customize your webpage any way you want. For instance, you can add services with full description and photos as well as any content that will help you demonstrate your services.

    If you already have you own website, the booking form can easily be added as a button-widget or an iframe.

  • In case, you offer your clients rent service...

    When renting out cars, apartments, boats, meeting-rooms, or virtually anything else, upfront deposits or guaranteed payments may be required. fully supports the most popular electronic payment systems such as PayPal.

    It is also important to show customers good photos of the cars, rooms you're renting as well as the location of the services. allows you to both show multiple photos as well as your location on an integrated Google map on your webpage.

Would you like to know about us? is a part of a net of scheduling and appointment pages available in many countries and languages. supplies users with an easy to use scheduling system that allows them to open for appointments and scheduling on their own webpage through the use of an Iframe or by using the webpages supplied by us.

Users can insert images and descriptions of their service units (hair dressers, massagers, trainers etc) as well as of their services (simple haircut, haircut and coloring, 45 minutes massage) and thereby creating a fully customised webpage adjusted to their business.

As well as taking appointments, users can accept reservations for sight seeing trips, city tours, or pretty much anything that needs a reservation.

Users can also accept payments upfront for all provided services and lets not forget that all clients can receive an SMS reminder to let them not forget the appointment and thereby increasing their revenue.



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